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I also have an idea in my mind to create the world’s first porn studio dedicated to only blue or green-eyed women. The porn studio will feature young, mature, bisexual, lesbian, all sorts of green or blue eyed women. I am also in talks with a Baga Body to Body Massage Parlour, with several green and blue-eyed Russian girls working for it, to supply me with some of their Russian chicks regularly. They sound more than happy to be of service to me.

I have been to the nation called India several times and it wasn’t until recently that I became aware of the notion that drinking water from the lakes and rivers surrounding the Thar Desert of India and Pakistan, reduces the estrogen levels of both men and women, and that’s the reason why the water from the lakes and rivers across this desert is considered pious for the females, as the Hindus are mostly highly anti-sexual people, though they have the world’s second largest population and they are expected to be the first largest in terms of population by the financial year 2027.

I am a student of a wonderful American-Indian tantric guru, who operates out of his house in Bethlehem, PA, only. This guru of mine can fuck for 18 hours at a time. He once fucked me for 18 hours straight. I was dry only after 3 hours of fucking non-stop, but he kept putting an edible side-effect free lube on both his and mine genitals after that to keep going. It was one of the best days of my life. I am getting wet just thinking the flashbacks of that 18 hours long fucking session.

Endocrinologist Used Astral Projection To Hang Out With Goan Escort Girls When He Was Struggling Financially

Dr Patsy Ebdon from Queensland, Australia, is a Endocrinologist and Dating Blogger, who claims to have hired at least 9 Young Chinese Sugar Babies studying in the top Australian Colleges, one of whom was featured in a popular brother sister incest porn flick.

Dr Patsy hates Sugar Babies, Baga Body Massage Centre Workers, Pornstars, Masseuses, that don’t use their original name for their business.

Sugar Baby Industry is one of the very few industries that hasn’t gone much of a change in the past 3 decades now.

Dr Patsy Ebdon

Dr Patsy recently wrote an article about this retired Italian Mafia Boss who since coming out of prison, has been running a Real Estate Company and a Sugar Baby Agency in the New York City where they recruit none other than Blue-Eyed Skinny Young Women to work as their sugar babies. He apparently, recently hired a group of software developers to program a sugar baby app for their business. He wears a wig himself since he turned full bald due to stress during his time in prison.

Dr Patsy dated a Blonde English Independent Journalist who worked as a Sugar Baby for over a year. She was obsessed with Eastern Religions, Stoicism and Utilitarianism. She had the longest fingers you have ever seen on a woman, which she used a lot for her own good when she didn’t have a man for herself during desperate times. She reported and researched a lot on the Sugar Babies worldwide, extensively. Dr Patsy thinks they should give her a gold medal on her work. Her mother was one of OSHO’s closest followers during the days of Rajneeshpuram in the 1980s. She was a gardener at his commune in Oregon. She was a witness to some of the most controversial developments in his commune. Both mother and daughter have one thing in common several others – they hate women who act dramatic. The daughter has written several articles criticising some of the most popular celebrities globally that act too overdramatic and that includes politicians, actresses, singers, socialites, entrepreneurs among others. The mother believes in ghosts, purgatory, astral projection and many other related weird things. She claims January 1990 AD was the time when there were more number of ghosts came down on the planet earth than ever before and they are highly responsible for manipulating top world leaders of the past and the present to create what they call the New World Order.

More Dollar Bills are spent on North Goa escorts than an Average Joe can imagine

Greg Lemon from Taneytown, Maryland, owns 4 different dance coaching schools in the province of Maryland. His wife is a dance coach at one of the schools owned by himself.

Greg is also an active sex blogger who claims that most counterfeit money creators spend most of their profits on luxury tattoo babe escorts. He says that these counterfeiters avoid traveling abroad as it is risky for their business and life. He says that he doesn’t know a single counterfeit creator personally who never hired one of those tattooed North Goa Escorts.

Greg claims that if the right boob of a woman is larger than her left one, the woman tends to have lesbian fetishes, whether she admits it or not and if her left boob is bigger, she prefers older men over the younger ones. He claims to have had long-term relationships with both sort of women in the past and without exception, it was the same with all of them.

When Greg was in his early 20s, he was dating this woman who had her left breast bigger and larger than the right one. Greg said ‘Goodbye’ to his decade old friends for this girlfriend of his, only to discover later that she was more into older men and the only time she spent with him was the time when no older dick was ready to slide inside her pussy. He felt completely rejected and decided to stop his relationship with her. When he told her that he doesn’t want to date her anymore, she had no regrets or disappointment, she sounded like she was all cool with it and it was no surprise to Greg either. Dating this woman was one of the decisions that Greg regrets a lot to this day.

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Johnny Barber from Fargo, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Computer Engineer, who writes the only 2 things that he looks for in a woman are her long legs and big breasts; The face, personality, ass, etc, don’t matter at all to him.

Johnny is currently dating a 4’9″ tall Filipino woman. Before meeting her, he had no idea that sex could be as much fun. He says that he rolls her up and fucks her in all the positions that you can imagine just like you would see in one of the nude cams online. The couple loves handcuffed sex. They have it twice a week. On the Saturdays, he cuffs her up and on the Sundays, it is her who cuffs him up.

Johnny practiced Mantak Chia’s exercises a lot back in 2017 including sexual ones. He claims his exercises suppress the immune system although they work good for increasing sexual stamina.

Johnny believes the pheromones are as real as the national boundaries in 2022.

Johnny writes men love curly women for a reason, they are sex freaks in the bedroom.

Johnny is a huge pro-wrestling fan. He claims Vince McMahon used to pimp Blonde Divas to the Foreign Diplomates from other countries in the USA, 365 days a year. He further writes there is not a single WWE Diva that he didn’t pimp to a Royal male member of the Saudi family. He claims that’s where he got the money to buy all his competition from.

Johnny believes Amy Anderssen is the most underrated mainstream American Pornstar. He says they will never let her become as big as she deserves to be just because she refused to become the personal whore of one of the members of the illuminati, which is as real as Pornstar Andi James’ tits.

Incestual Sex, Sugar Babies And Super-Advanced Sex Dolls Will Wipe Out Escorts & Nuru Masseuses In The Future, Claims A GP

Dr Kamran Azimi from Orlando, Florida, is a General Practitioner and Dating Blogger, who doesn’t agree with those who believe sugar babies are more in demand during the holiday season. He writes, personally, he would rather spend the holidays with his family. He writes it is only during the working days, when he feels that he needs companionship of a gorgeous younger woman after a long working day.

Dr Kamran writes websites for sugar babies might wipe out the escort services and happy ending massage spas and parlours completely in the future. He writes as the time goes by, there’s going to be more innovations in the field of realistic sex dolls with their sexual organs feeling way better and more sensual than that of a real woman. Also, he writes that such sex dolls would be able to provide Nuru and other sexy massage therapies. He writes it also goes without saying that the quality of the porn is only going to get better with time, with new innovations like never seen before in every aspect and not to mention with more beautiful women working in the porn industry than ever seen before.

Dr Kamran writes he remembers very well how back in the 1990s, most pornstars in their teenage years and early 20s, used to be ugly and skinny skanks. Pornstars like Traci Lords, Tara Moon, Taylor Moore, Amber Lynn, Briana Banks, Tera Patrick and Jenna Jameson were considered some of the most gorgeous ones. He believes these so-called porn legends stand nowhere near the young pornstars of these times. He writes Ella Knox, Violet Myers, Blair Williams, Autumn Falls, Jessa Rose, Meana Wolf, Pocahontas Jones, Dillion Carter and others give a run to the topmost pornstars of the 1990s, not only when it comes to the way they look, but also their passion for sex and the extent they are willing to go in order to perform their best.

Dr Kamran doesn’t agree with anyone who says that porn and masturbation usage has no negative impact on the frequency of real life intimate sexual sessions in a human’s life (especially the males). Hence, according to him – more porn and a lot more advanced sex dolls will result in men boycotting escorts and sex masseuses. But the institution of marriage, the sugar babies, ヤパンスカ 入会 will prevail, as there is nothing that can replace a man’s need for a woman’s company.

Interracial, Group, Threesome, Foursome, you name it, it happening on a live sex webcam right now

Larry Wills from Fort Worth, Texas, is a wealthy industrialist who can never get enough of talking to the beautiful black ladies on sex webcam.

Larry Wills believes that the scientists can develop anything but not the sensation that a real pussy or a dick generates. He believes that the genital sensation is some sort of electricity but this sort of electricity cannot be replicated by anyone or anything present in the universe.

Larry’s wife recently started a lottery wholesale business which is mainly dependent upon eBay and Amazon.

Both Larry and his wife believe that group sex is extremely essential for instilling confidence, self-confidence and team-spirit among both male and female partners. Both the husband and wife encourage each other to have as much group sex as possible. They both also have the same opinion regarding interracial sex.

Larry is a huge fan of the British porn. He writes on his sex blog that he recently started “It is really commendable how the British porn ranks #1 in terms of popularity out of all the nations in Europe.

One of Larry’s sister-in-laws is a popular American pornstar. Larry writes on his sex blog that she cannot get enough of expressing how proud she is about satiating the desires of so many men and women. He adds that her grandmother knows what her granddaughter does very well and she recently asked the granddaughter if there is a role for a GILF pornstar in which she can fit; The grandmother is yet to hear a reply from the granddaughter.

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I have a friend who owns and runs his own escort service agency in Istanbul, Turkey. He always says that the creator of a successful escort agency must possess team building, leadership, decision making, goal setting skills; Not to mention that he/she must overcome the fear-factor as well.

He always says that a skilled and talented horny duo of stunningly beautiful female escorts in their 20s is worth more than anything else in the whole world.

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The wife of this escort agent that I am talking about here also escorts. He claims that it took his wife 4 years of escorting to become better than Nina Hartley in bed. Well, I hired her in her very prime and I would say that it rather took her only 6 months to bypass Nina Hartley in terms of bedroom skills.

Miami Podiatrist Really Feels For The Prisoners And Is Disappointed With The World Health Organization And The Government Of The USA

Dr Owen Sirrs is a Podiatrist from Miami, Florida, who has always been a fan of a woman’s natural beauty. He is blunt about the fact on his blog that having an attractive receptionist really helps a medical doctor’s practice. He has hired a supermodel as a receptionist at his practice – a supermodel who has won over 7 different beauty contests and has been struggling to get a job as an actress in a Hollywood movie for the past couple of years. Dr Owen Sirrs highly doubts that she is the same lady whose services he once availed at a South Goa Massage Parlour, but he says that he cannot come to the certain conclusion.

Dr Owen Sirrs bluntly says that although the facilities and amenities for the prisoners across the globe have been improved and extended, they now have a larger number of foot disorders than ever before. He writes on his blog that he has written to different medical unions across the world, the WHO and governments across the world, but no action has been taken on any of their part yet, which is a pity beyond words.

Dr Owen Sirrs claims that the Muslims and the Jews are most prone to getting foot disorders compared to the people belonging to any other major religion due to the extensive inbreeding that has been going on among those people for thousands of years now.

Coomer Grande Makes Sure He Wears His Ray Bans While Fucking Realistic Sex Dolls

Jon Grande from Grand Forks, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Snow Removal Service owner, who is too insecure about the way his eyes look. He wears his favourite Ray Ban Shades even when he is fucking his favorite realistic sex dolls.

One of Jon’s goods friends is an aspiring politician who actively campaigns for the subsidies for sexual products nationwide.

Jon believes in occultist practices and one of his beliefs is that mating a crow with a pigeon can make the breeder immortal.

Jon believes Haifa Wehbe is the most beautiful singer in the history of mankind.

Jon believes wealth has a negative role to play when it comes to sexual desires and activity, and perhaps also in terms of fertility. He gives example of the highly overpopulated and sexual third world countries.

One of Jon’s ex-girlfriends is a Pro-Theocratic-Democratic converted Muslim woman who swears on Quran over every petty issue. She was once caught stealing condoms from a Kashmiri store owner in the Lahore city of Pakistan. She is currently writing a book titled “My Journey With A Small Cock”. It is a sad story about herself living with her small cock husband who was always on a business trip during their marriage.

Jon believes Shakespeare era English language will take over the modern English by 2050.

Jon’s current girlfriend is a Czech woman living in the US for the past 9 years. She doesn’t speak much but whenever she does, she tries to sound as much Redneck as possible.

Jon thinks Venezuelan actresses, supermodels and pageant contestants are highly overrated and most of them rather belong to the porn industry.

Jon claims to know a 25 year old African Muslim who told him that spooning sex position results in the highest energy loss and those who use this sex position too frequently often have an Erectile Dysfunction by the time they are 45, and these men are also 450% times more likely to indulge in domestic violence.

French Restaurant Owner Edges To Korean Porn Everyday After Having His Breakfast

Achim Shikongo from Texas City, TX, is a Sex Blogger and French Restaurant Owner, who believes the cure for the human male pattern baldness is hidden somewhere in the body of one of the most common insects – Cockroach. Achim along with a medical student friend of his, has been working on his dream to find a cure for the male pattern baldness. He believes they will be successful by 2023.

Achim agrees with the survey done in Finland in 1998, which concluded that straight men with moustache like to spank their women at least 3x more compared to the clean shaven straight men. Also, the survey concluded that straight men with moustache are more obsessed with buttocks of a woman than her breasts while the clean shaven straight men in general are more obsessed with a woman’s breasts compared to her buttocks. The survey also claimed that straight men with moustache liked to play with a woman’s waist more while the clean shaven straight men like to kiss their women more on the lips. The survey also concluded that to multiply the joy of kissing on the lips, clean shaven men prefer their women in the bed with a lipstick on while it is the opposite in case of the straight men with a moustache.

Achim didn’t believe the Alabama incest rumour/myth until he lived there himself. He had to live in Collinsville, Alabama, where he saw this neighbouring 47 year old Psychiatrist having a sexual affair with his own stepdaughter. She had the most beautiful curly hair, he writes. She looked a lot like the curly teen pornstar – Sabrina Spice.

Achim believes the study done in France in the year 2005 which concluded that Anarchists have a larger dick than the traditionalists and it is applicable globally.

Achim has a Swedish friend who is naturally low on testosterone levels. He once went under Testosterone Replacement Therapy on advice of his doctor, but didn’t see much progress. Once after he came back home from the office, he discovered his wife fucking 4 Muslim men. He first thought she was being raped, but later on, he discovered that they were thieves who came to steal. His wife offered them her pussy apart from the goods they came to steal. After investigation, it was discovered they were from Pakistan and each one had acted in the same Pakistani TV Series before they arrived to Sweden.

Every morning, Achim eats what he calls ‘The Libido Diet’ as his breakfast – 4 Mugs of Black Coffee with 6 Cups of Almonds, Apricots and Arabian Dates. He also edges 30 minutes every morning to videos on to increase his sexual stamina.

Achim claims weapons of mass destruction as powerful as the atomic bombs dripped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki can be created using a mixture of a man’s prostatic fluid and a woman’s squirts.

Economist Irish Ginger Female Escorts That Give You A Raging Boner With Just A Glimpse

Mark Gionnone from Bray, Ireland, is a full-time sex blogger, who claims to have interviewed several men belonging to different age groups. He says that during the interviews, younger men mostly reported that they get hard right after sniffing a pussy while the older men all reported that they lose erection after sniffing one. He then went on to the escorts Ireland to confirm his statistics and as per the observations of the female escorts in Ireland, it was accurate.

Mark conducted another survey, where the older men reported lasting longer with a condom on contrary to their younger counterparts who mostly reported that with a condom on, they usually find it harder to maintain an erection and if they do, they end up ejaculating much sooner compared to when without it. He could not take the results of this survey to the female escorts or even the male escorts in Ireland as they don’t prefer to keep it safe and never perform a sexual activity without a condom on.

Mark claims to have never coming across a man who doesn’t hate loud sex and on the contrary, he claims to have never coming across a woman who doesn’t love loud sex. He claims to have dated several bisexual women in the past and he has come to the conclusion that the bisexual women make the most sound in the bed to the extent that it sometimes makes you lose your raging boner due to annoyance.

Mark has been dating a Pakistani-American economist for a while now. Her parents have no idea that their daughter is a nudist who roams around the streets of the US butt naked. They are instead proud of the fact that she is one of the top 5% in the US. Mark never dated a nudist before. He says she is more freaky than he expected and he loves her for that.

Enjoy Free Hentai Videos With That Homemade Lube While I Such Your Escort Cousin’s Right Boob

One paganic religious leader once told me that when a starving and passionate dick full of sensitivity and a starving and passionate pussy oozing with sensuality meet, the minor gods get together and dance. But he added that the societies and religions have killed the sex drive of the people with ugly institutions like marriage, prostitution, etc, and hence it doesn’t happen frequently although we have a population of over 7 billion humans on earth.

It is my personal observation that you can tell about the sex drive of a man or a woman by the kind of music they listen to. Those who like to listen to the Depeche Mode the most seem to have the highest sex drive and that’s the reason why a rising singer that goes by the name ‘Trevor Something’ has so many comments under his Youtube videos with the female commentators wearing nothing but bikinis, lingeries and sometimes nothing at all.

If you are a daily hentai videos watcher, then you must be well aware of the fact that physically stronger men in general have stiffer and stronger dicks and the women with large assets that don’t sag tend to have softer and nicer looking pussies. Such pussies taste 10x better than an average looking pussy.

I personally believe that one day, we will have an Amazon and an eBay of the Mature Escorts market and that day is not far. What a pity, if they make the society free for sex, we will not have to depend upon such things at all.

Adult Products Retailer Believes In Jerking Off To Nothing But Interracial Porn

Jasbir Bhatti from Berkeley, California, is a Full-Time Adult Products Retailer and Part-Time Sex Blogger, who jerks off using the used sparkly panties that comes to his store for sale to Kamala Harris’s DeepFake Videos.

Jasbir is glad that the number of condoms exported from the USA per year is greater than the number of condoms purchased in the nation 2 decades ago.

Jasbir writes never before the number of sexy lingeries sold exceeded the number of bra and panties sold at a retail store. It really happened for the very first time in 2019.

Jasbir writes during the recession in 2008/2009, the sales for the clothes of both men and women dropped down a lot globally while the sales of sexually provocative clothes increased by 150%. He jokes that the sexually active lifestyle that these couples enjoyed during the recession times was mainly responsible for making them stress-free and clear-minded enough to bring the world out of economic recession again.

Jasbir writes that only once in his lifetime he jerked off to the Reddit OnlyFans nudes. He claims to have edged for 7 hours straight without ejaculating at all during that night. Most of the times, he only jerks off to the interracial porn.

Jasbir believes our nature is sinful by default. Animals are sinful creatures. Being wrong is human. Forgiving is divine. It’s all about being better than your animal self in the end.

Jasbir also believes that if you are a sinner by nature, there’s no divine power that could save you from yourself. Not even all the Buddhas in the universe could help you.

Wife Doesn’t Suck His Dick, So He Relies On Polish Strippers To Do That For Himself

I have a friend who owns his own limo service in Kentucky. Both himself and his wife are sex machines, and I say this regarding his wife from the first-hand experience. Though you would be surprised to learn that this wife of my friend hates to give a blowjob to anyone, including her boyfriends and husband; her husband has tried several times for the same, each time she bites her cock with her sharp teeth and claim that it was an accident. To enjoy blowjobs, he started visiting trannies that he met through a website.
Trannies are some of the best people to receive a blowjob from and this is something that I tell you from my first-hand experience as well.

This friend of mine who owns a limo service in Kentucky, brags about being a Cheetah in bed and the sucker cannot convince his own wife to give him a BJ. I bet that if she were my wife, she would be blowing me all day all night long.

This sucker friend of mine and his wife have created a private vocabulary for the bedroom fun. They refer to the slow speed fucking as ‘first gear’, when his wife wants it faster, she asks him to fuck her in the ‘sixth gear’.

They also do a lot of roleplay. Mostly he plays the role. His and her most favorite is when he plays the cop.

When I fucked her, I didn’t have to play the role. Our actual story of fucking was quite accidental and I hope that I meet such an accident soon once again or I would have to rely on Ogłoszenia Roksa Striptiz for some such thing to happen.

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Jose Levya’s wife is a screenwriter and poet who celebrates with a sex party after each big paycheck. The first time she took a 13 inch BBC all inside her, she fell unconscious. She really has those Lisa Ann tits naturally. She struggled with obesity all her teen years though.

Both Jose and his wife enjoy fucking on the carpet more than they do on the bed. They also prefer sweaty sex and hence, it is very rare that they have an Air Conditioner or Fans on while making love to each other.

Jose Levya brags that he can last till infinity inside a pussy but blowjob makes him cum within minutes.

Jose believes that in the Arab world, sex education used to be the main subject in the Universities there before the advent of Islam.

Jose brags that he never took any loan or credit in his life. He believes that it wouldn’t be so if he didn’t have access to a particular Discord lewd community and rather used escort agencies to have fun with women other than his wife, he would be strongly indebted without any doubt.

Jose says that each sexy woman that she meets whether it be his wife, his girlfriends or someone he met through a dating app, he fingers her for 15 minutes straight before fucking her.

Jose says that on the working days can last only 60 minutes in bed and on the holidays can easily last 2 hours.

Jose says that on the working days, he can last only 60 minutes maximum in bed and on the holidays he can easily last for 2 hours. He agrees with all those who say that stress is the biggest barrier in a happy sex life.

Poland Has Some Of The Best Female Sex Workers In Europe And This Post Is The Proof

Gone are the days when the taxi drivers used to rob you of your money when you used to arrive at the airport and hired a taxi. This is 2018 baby and airport transfer services are literally everywhere, but still you need to find the right one for you. There was a time when the taxi drivers used to throw so many tantrums on the passengers, but those days are over now.

One of my friends is a very popular vascular surgeon. He travels from one country to another at least thrice a month. He tells me how easy it has become for him since the arrival of airport transfer services. He first used to hesitate going to other countries due to several factors and hiring rude taxis was on the top of his list. The best experience he ever had was with Poland Airport Taxi. He told me that the driver was so polite and everything was taken very good care of.

He says that whenever he visits Poland, he hires the same airport taxi service. It is amazing how things have changed in the recent past when it comes to the taxi services.

In Europe, they have some of the best taxi services and Poland has the best of them all. With all those sex ads (sex ogłoszenia) in Poland, it is heaven on earth.

Meanwhile Immoral Coomers Be Enjoying Their Cousins Stripping As They Would Belle Delphine OnlyFans Leak

Sense of humor sometimes proves to be more important than a gorgeous body and face in the stripping business, especially for the Latin Strippers with an accent.

I recently arranged a strippers party for a good friend of mine who just came out of the prison. It was really a delight to see three full-sized SUVs coming full of female strippers. He was about to have a heart-attack because of the sexual excitement. Now, I understand why there is no ‘Free From Prison Special Party’ with any of the strippers agency in the US when there are Divorce Parties, Bachelor Parties, etc. I have concluded that escorts are perfect for such men, not the strippers.

It is my personal observation over one decade that once you hire a stripper for a birthday party, you always hire a stripper for your birthday party. There is a reason why the number of strip clubs doubled in the United Kingdom in the past 1 year.

Blonde Caucasian strippers are outdated now, black women with a big booty and curly hair are in trend now.

There are more Polish strippers in the US than in Poland and the same goes for the Arab strippers.

I have a Muslim friend who has been living in the US for the past 2 decades now. One of his female cousins who also happens to live in the same city as himself, is a stripper. He regularly enjoys the strip dance of this cousin of his as much as he would Belle Delphine OnlyFans Leak thinking it is not haram in his religion. He is a strict Muslim who doesn’t even borrow a loan from the bank because it is haram in Islam. He claims that it is not mentioned anywhere in the Quran that watching the strip club of your cousin is haram.

Asian Pornostars don’t shave their Pubes to retain Pheromones, claims Dutch Sex Blogger

Sharon Abreo is a sex blogger from Quebec, Canada, who writes on her blog that if you marry a woman who is deemed unattractive by some standard of society, you will not be content in your marriage.

Sharon believes that the pubic hair retain pheromones for both men and women and she applauds the International Sugarbabes for not shaving their pubic hair.

Sharon believes that the large framed women are evil.

Sharon writes that any woman who has an unattractive physical treatment will always feel insecure; this insecurity will always seep into the relationship.

Sharon tells to stay away from women with saggy breasts, women with wide waists and women with flat buttocks.

Sharon recently wrote the story of a good male friend of her since her college days. She wrote about him that this friend of hers used to be a member of the cult that goes by the name r/semenretention. He used to sleep naked as those guys told him that wearing an underwear increases the likelihood of a wet dream. He went on to the extent of trying the so-called duct-tape method. He used to place the penis with the tip facing upwards towards the stomach. Then took a strip of duct tape and taped his head down covering his urethra and unwrapped the tape around his waist. In short, “Took the foreskin, covered the urethra, and placed tape over it.”
It gave him a strong case of chronic epididymitis, chronic orchitis and retrograde ejaculation after 4 months of doing so.
He believes that his sex life is over now and probably, he will never be able to have children.

Jesus Wants You To Access Top-Secret Shemale Porn Sites

Jason Onunka from McDonough, Georgia, is an Architectural Engineer and Sex Blogger, whose wife had a hole in her heart as an infant.

Jason and his wife very actively partake in swinging. She loves big dicks but still fears those big dicks and their owners; She attributes this fear of her to the hole in her heart as an infant.

Many of the times, Jason and his wife stream their live swinging sex on sex cam chat websites. Learn how to Allow Access to super-secret shemale porn video sites.

Jason writes that he lost his virginity to his Puerto Rican maid. He says she had the most beautiful natural breasts that he has ever seen in person.

Jason also writes about this one threesome that he had with a Puerto Rican and a Mexican escort. He claims both the women were legit fighting to show their sex skills superiority. He thinks this was the best escort session that he ever went for.

Jason writes it is a false notion that the escorts fuck better at your venue than their own which he believes is far from the reality. He says they fuck equally good either way.

One of the very good friends of Jason converted to Islam from Catholicism and he says that he has never felt so free sexually before.

Perhaps the most controversial post ever made by Jason on his sex blog was when he wrote that women who despise sex are most likely descendants of the slave women that were raped all the time, mostly by the militants of the opposing armies. Sex hating women bombarded the comment section of this post and some other posts on his blog with swears, names and curses.

Jason received a lot of appreciation from the female readers of his blog when he mentioned that women who condemn their husbands behind their backs mostly do so because they are sexually unsatisfied.

Chinese factory owners can’t seem to get enough of Young Webcam models

Do you know where most of the aluminium car toys are made today? Even if you possess a little bit of knowledge about the business world you already know the answer to the question and the answer is Republic of China (RAC). Most aluminum die casting factories are located in the major cities of China today.

These Chinese factory owners love to spend their time and relaxation time with hot Indian young webcams models which is an irony as India and Indians are supposed to be their greatest competition.

If you are somehow in an industry that requires diecasting or something related and you are getting it done in your own country and your own country is located somewhere in the America or Europe, need I say that you are already running into losses?

Even giants like Mattel and Diecast had to move their operations to China in order to survive. As Darwin said that the only those species will survive that are able to change according to time and same is the case with the industries. Those who refuse to drop their old dogmas and blind nationalism go extinct.