Indian Govt Should Provide Free Sex Dolls & Free Access To Massage Parlours Once A Month

Did some experienced and intelligent man ever tell you that women with thick and wide noses hate to fuck, the only exception to this are the Black women or the Aboriginal ones, but the women with Jewish noses, be they Jewish or not, love it.

Also, did anyone ever tell you that the looser the walls of a woman’s pussy gets, the more interested they tend to become in the sexual activity, no wonder why so many moms, grannies and even great-grannies fuck a lot better than their younger counterparts, even when the profession of their younger counterparts is that of fucking all day, all night long. Like they may even be a masseuse working for a Massage Service in Candolim.

I believe that the government should make asexuality illegal and the government must also provide free sex dolls to the adults belonging to all genders.

I am very glad that there are very few prudish women left in the world now. Currently, I don’t know a single pink-collar adult woman who has Victorian sexual views. The common notion about 40 years ago was that pink-collar women were some of the most prudish ones, thankfully, it all has changed now.

I believe that it would be quite correct to say that more nurses than ever before have been busy sucking the dicks of their patients, more teachers than ever before of their students and more personal secretaries than ever before of their students, in the current times and it is one of the best things that this century has had to offer in the first 20 years followed by the notorious coronavirus, which I believe will only kill the people who refuse to evolve and want to live in the iron age.

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