Top Pornstars Need To Wear Saree More Often

Daniel Belasco from Franklin, Ohio, is a sex blogger and an army veteran, who writes on his blog that the Indian saree before the Mughals invaded India used to reveal a woman’s body almost as much as a skimpy bikini would, but the Mughals and the increasing Muslim population shamed the Indians extensively until they finally came up with the current version of saree which covers a woman almost as much as a traditional Catholic nun’s dress. He says it is a pity that the Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent still shame the sarees almost as much as they did before for different reasons.

Daniel knows a Pakistani=Muslim man who always tells him that seeing an Indian hottie wearing a saree gives him the same boner as watching top pornstars fuck would.

This Pakistani-Muslim friend of Daniel is obsessed with the Indian author – Arundhati Roy. He regularly creates her deepfake videos all the time and jerks off to those.

Daniel claims to have been having sex with the same hooker for the past 25 years. He writes she has been becoming more appealing to him with each sexual session constantly for the past 25 years to the extent that whenever he even has a wet dream, it is her who fucks in the dream. He adds that it is appalling to him that how come it is a shock for the other men and women to learn about this, especially the female hookers who have never had many regular clients.

Daniel once dated a African-American Lawyer. He has a baby with her. She is so well-off that she never asked for the child support.

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