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Florin Ionut from Dade City, Florida, is a full-time sex blogger, who writes that the Belarusian President – Alexander Lukashenko, is perhaps the greatest womaniser amongst all the current day world leaders. He adds the reason why his wife has been living separately from her husband, is his womanising addiction which only seems to grow as he ages and losses more hair on his head. He claims Lukashenko was in Aberdeenshire, Scotland recently and all he did there was find sluts with large boobs for casual sex in Aberdeenshire there.

Florin has always been a great advocate of the escorting business and he is one of the few to encourage Japanese escorts in the USA so that the straight men of America can enjoy extraordinary Japanese Blowjob.

Florin believes that soon enough, there would be institutes all across the globe where they would teach both men and women to become better escorts.

Florin writes that the states/hot hubs that are popular for escorts – Amsterdam, Bangkok; Keeping in view the kind of escorts that they have been offering, more services that they included recently in their portfolio, it goes without saying that they are going to remain the hot hubs for at least next 100 years as well, regardless of what revolution takes place in this industry.

Florin rejects the notion that Jesus was a celibate. He claims that Jesus had sex at least twice a day in his 20s and least thrice a day in 30s before he got hanged. He even doubts the reason behind his hanging.

Florin is against celibacy before/after marriage. He practised it himself for a while and has come the conclusion that releasing semen brings you more in the present moment while semen retention makes you live more in your head.

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It is a song that I wrote as a parody for Gary Numan’s cars when my girlfriend is away and I am left on my own with ellinikes tsontes for days to come and ellinikes tsontes is the only thing that is going to help me to cum.

I believe that there is a bias against the single masturbators in our society whereas those that aren’t single don’t feel ashamed bragging about their wanking addiction.

I love tall women with big natural boobs like you would see at I believe that the bigger the boobs a woman possesses, the more humble and generous she is. That’s why I have always had busty girlfriends and they were all humble and generous as well.

One of my neighbors is a distributor for penis pumps. He makes tens of thousands of dollars in a week. He drives a Bentley Flying Spur which he bought off the penis pumps money.

One of my good friends, to whom this very neighbor supplied penis pump to, claims that he gets migraine whenever he masturbates using his hands but not when he does the same with a penis pump. On the contrary, another friend of mine that uses the very same penis pump as well, can last for hours in the bed but cums too early with the penis pump.

Top Pornstars Need To Wear Saree More Often

Daniel Belasco from Franklin, Ohio, is a sex blogger and an army veteran, who writes on his blog that the Indian saree before the Mughals invaded India used to reveal a woman’s body almost as much as a skimpy bikini would, but the Mughals and the increasing Muslim population shamed the Indians extensively until they finally came up with the current version of saree which covers a woman almost as much as a traditional Catholic nun’s dress. He says it is a pity that the Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent still shame the sarees almost as much as they did before for different reasons.

Daniel knows a Pakistani=Muslim man who always tells him that seeing an Indian hottie wearing a saree gives him the same boner as watching top pornstars fuck would.

This Pakistani-Muslim friend of Daniel is obsessed with the Indian author – Arundhati Roy. He regularly creates her deepfake videos all the time and jerks off to those.

Daniel claims to have been having sex with the same hooker for the past 25 years. He writes she has been becoming more appealing to him with each sexual session constantly for the past 25 years to the extent that whenever he even has a wet dream, it is her who fucks in the dream. He adds that it is appalling to him that how come it is a shock for the other men and women to learn about this, especially the female hookers who have never had many regular clients.

Daniel once dated a African-American Lawyer. He has a baby with her. She is so well-off that she never asked for the child support.

Chanting Mantras for 70 Minutes a Day make you fuck like those top Male Pornstars do in the IFL Porn Movies

No matter how much the Hindus, Muslims and Jews try to bury the sexual exploits of their gods, prophets/messiahs, etc; They cannot succeed at hiding it 100% as long as we have the internet, sex tourists, honest authors and translators.

I have a friend who loves to travel to the east as a sex tourist. He also loves to study and experiment with the different things mentioned in the scriptures of the different religions and also what the religious gurus belonging to those religions preach.

After chanting ‘Hare Krishna Hare Rama’ for 70 minutes a day without any break for 6 months, he has come to the conclusion that chanting those words do not increase spirituality but rather the libido of a man and he honestly admits that he doesn’t have any clue about what it does to a woman. He claims that it increases the libido of a man to an extent that although he has 3 girlfriends and a wife who are all ready and willing to fuck whenever he asks for it, he still cannot stop wanking to the IFL Porn everyday since he started chanting those four words for 70 minutes a day and he is loving the experience. He says that he cannot thank ISKCON enough for telling him to chant those four words for a happy and better life.

This friend of mine claims that the prehistoric Hindus used to be very sexually liberal until they got invaded first by the Aryans, then by the Muslims and then the Christians.