Phallus Worshipping Bandra East Masseuses Wanna Cuddle You

What is the definition of a real woman to you? Do you think a real woman uses anything other than a custom-made dildo? Do you believe that a real woman has excessive estrogen levels and she fucks around everywhere but acts very shy in the public? Whatever the definition of a real woman is according to you, one thing that I ensure you here is that ‘a real woman’ cannot live without a cock, she respects a gentleman’s cock like no other and that’s the reason why women belonging to different ancient paganic religions used to worship phalluses and many still do, take the Hindu women as an example. Those high Bandra East Full Body Massage prices may trick you into believing that Indian women hate sex, but trust me, they love it more than an average White woman.

It is a shame that the monotheistic religions around the world will do whatever it takes to keep their machine running, no matter how cruel they have to become in order to do so. They have been doing their utmost to suppress the sexuality and intelligence of an average man and a woman and getting away with it for thousands of years. If you are a reader of my blog, then I urge you to put a fullstop to the monkey business of these so-called Monotheistic religions and have a healthy and fulfilling sex life.
I personally believe that the science and technology will soon be able to make females as physically strong as the men and men as sexually irresistible as the women. Till then, the members belonging to either of the genders can read my blog and get tips regarding that subject.

Experience beats beauty when it comes to a sexual session, and hence, if you are a virgin, then you better practice on that mini sex doll before you get yourself a real woman. Your woman is really going to appreciate it.

So, the tip of the day for the straight men, bisexual men and women, lesbian women is that the more hostile a chick is to the strangers, the more fun she is in the bed. This is coming from my decades of experience dealing with women of all sorts.

I would like to end this post with a parody slang song that I just wrote on Harden my Heart by Quarterflash:-

Massaging my dick on the corner, with a special essential oil
I swear I’ll never masturbate again
You gave me your word that you will provide me with a hole of years each time that I am hard but that turned out to be a lie
My wild dreams give me blue balls and I never thought you were so
But it’s time to kick that stinking ass of yours, hoe
I am gonna fuck the name that porn models
I am gonna fuck the fleshlights
I am gonna make my sex tapes and tag it with you on Twitter
All of my life I have jerked-off to Playboy
I have been waiting for a warm and soft hole that never, ever came
It feels so close, but always disappears
Cheating whore, in your wildest dreams, you never rode me
But it’s time that I curse you

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