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I have a friend who owns and runs his own escort service agency in Istanbul, Turkey. He always says that the creator of a successful escort agency must possess team building, leadership, decision making, goal setting skills; Not to mention that he/she must overcome the fear-factor as well.

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He loves to play with the clay and during his spare time, he can be found doing the very same.

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One of the bayan escort that I met through his agency while I was suffering with a mild ED, she knew so many herbs to get rid of any Erectile Dysfunction, I asked her if she was a pharmacist or a physician, she told me that all her cousins were physicians including 2 surgeons.

The wife of this escort agent that I am talking about here also escorts. He claims that it took his wife 4 years of escorting to become better than Nina Hartley in bed. Well, I hired her in her very prime and I would say that it rather took her only 6 months to bypass Nina Hartley in terms of bedroom skills.

Miami Podiatrist Really Feels For The Prisoners And Is Disappointed With The World Health Organization And The Government Of The USA

Dr Owen Sirrs is a Podiatrist from Miami, Florida, who has always been a fan of a woman’s natural beauty. He is blunt about the fact on his blog that having an attractive receptionist really helps a medical doctor’s practice. He has hired a supermodel as a receptionist at his practice – a supermodel who has won over 7 different beauty contests and has been struggling to get a job as an actress in a Hollywood movie for the past couple of years. Dr Owen Sirrs highly doubts that she is the same lady whose services he once availed at a South Goa Massage Parlour, but he says that he cannot come to the certain conclusion.

Dr Owen Sirrs bluntly says that although the facilities and amenities for the prisoners across the globe have been improved and extended, they now have a larger number of foot disorders than ever before. He writes on his blog that he has written to different medical unions across the world, the WHO and governments across the world, but no action has been taken on any of their part yet, which is a pity beyond words.

Dr Owen Sirrs claims that the Muslims and the Jews are most prone to getting foot disorders compared to the people belonging to any other major religion due to the extensive inbreeding that has been going on among those people for thousands of years now.

Coomer Grande Makes Sure He Wears His Ray Bans While Fucking Realistic Sex Dolls

Jon Grande from Grand Forks, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Snow Removal Service owner, who is too insecure about the way his eyes look. He wears his favourite Ray Ban Shades even when he is fucking his favorite realistic sex dolls.

One of Jon’s goods friends is an aspiring politician who actively campaigns for the subsidies for sexual products nationwide.

Jon believes in occultist practices and one of his beliefs is that mating a crow with a pigeon can make the breeder immortal.

Jon believes Haifa Wehbe is the most beautiful singer in the history of mankind.

Jon believes wealth has a negative role to play when it comes to sexual desires and activity, and perhaps also in terms of fertility. He gives example of the highly overpopulated and sexual third world countries.

One of Jon’s ex-girlfriends is a Pro-Theocratic-Democratic converted Muslim woman who swears on Quran over every petty issue. She was once caught stealing condoms from a Kashmiri store owner in the Lahore city of Pakistan. She is currently writing a book titled “My Journey With A Small Cock”. It is a sad story about herself living with her small cock husband who was always on a business trip during their marriage.

Jon believes Shakespeare era English language will take over the modern English by 2050.

Jon’s current girlfriend is a Czech woman living in the US for the past 9 years. She doesn’t speak much but whenever she does, she tries to sound as much Redneck as possible.

Jon thinks Venezuelan actresses, supermodels and pageant contestants are highly overrated and most of them rather belong to the porn industry.

Jon claims to know a 25 year old African Muslim who told him that spooning sex position results in the highest energy loss and those who use this sex position too frequently often have an Erectile Dysfunction by the time they are 45, and these men are also 450% times more likely to indulge in domestic violence.

French Restaurant Owner Edges To Korean Porn Everyday After Having His Breakfast

Achim Shikongo from Texas City, TX, is a Sex Blogger and French Restaurant Owner, who believes the cure for the human male pattern baldness is hidden somewhere in the body of one of the most common insects – Cockroach. Achim along with a medical student friend of his, has been working on his dream to find a cure for the male pattern baldness. He believes they will be successful by 2023.

Achim agrees with the survey done in Finland in 1998, which concluded that straight men with moustache like to spank their women at least 3x more compared to the clean shaven straight men. Also, the survey concluded that straight men with moustache are more obsessed with buttocks of a woman than her breasts while the clean shaven straight men in general are more obsessed with a woman’s breasts compared to her buttocks. The survey also claimed that straight men with moustache liked to play with a woman’s waist more while the clean shaven straight men like to kiss their women more on the lips. The survey also concluded that to multiply the joy of kissing on the lips, clean shaven men prefer their women in the bed with a lipstick on while it is the opposite in case of the straight men with a moustache.

Achim didn’t believe the Alabama incest rumour/myth until he lived there himself. He had to live in Collinsville, Alabama, where he saw this neighbouring 47 year old Psychiatrist having a sexual affair with his own stepdaughter. She had the most beautiful curly hair, he writes. She looked a lot like the curly teen pornstar – Sabrina Spice.

Achim believes the study done in France in the year 2005 which concluded that Anarchists have a larger dick than the traditionalists and it is applicable globally.

Achim has a Swedish friend who is naturally low on testosterone levels. He once went under Testosterone Replacement Therapy on advice of his doctor, but didn’t see much progress. Once after he came back home from the office, he discovered his wife fucking 4 Muslim men. He first thought she was being raped, but later on, he discovered that they were thieves who came to steal. His wife offered them her pussy apart from the goods they came to steal. After investigation, it was discovered they were from Pakistan and each one had acted in the same Pakistani TV Series before they arrived to Sweden.

Every morning, Achim eats what he calls ‘The Libido Diet’ as his breakfast – 4 Mugs of Black Coffee with 6 Cups of Almonds, Apricots and Arabian Dates. He also edges 30 minutes every morning to videos on to increase his sexual stamina.

Achim claims weapons of mass destruction as powerful as the atomic bombs dripped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki can be created using a mixture of a man’s prostatic fluid and a woman’s squirts.