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Mark Gionnone from Bray, Ireland, is a full-time sex blogger, who claims to have interviewed several men belonging to different age groups. He says that during the interviews, younger men mostly reported that they get hard right after sniffing a pussy while the older men all reported that they lose erection after sniffing one. He then went on to the escorts Ireland to confirm his statistics and as per the observations of the female escorts in Ireland, it was accurate.

Mark conducted another survey, where the older men reported lasting longer with a condom on contrary to their younger counterparts who mostly reported that with a condom on, they usually find it harder to maintain an erection and if they do, they end up ejaculating much sooner compared to when without it. He could not take the results of this survey to the female escorts or even the male escorts in Ireland as they don’t prefer to keep it safe and never perform a sexual activity without a condom on.

Mark claims to have never coming across a man who doesn’t hate loud sex and on the contrary, he claims to have never coming across a woman who doesn’t love loud sex. He claims to have dated several bisexual women in the past and he has come to the conclusion that the bisexual women make the most sound in the bed to the extent that it sometimes makes you lose your raging boner due to annoyance.

Mark has been dating a Pakistani-American economist for a while now. Her parents have no idea that their daughter is a nudist who roams around the streets of the US butt naked. They are instead proud of the fact that she is one of the top 5% in the US. Mark never dated a nudist before. He says she is more freaky than he expected and he loves her for that.

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One paganic religious leader once told me that when a starving and passionate dick full of sensitivity and a starving and passionate pussy oozing with sensuality meet, the minor gods get together and dance. But he added that the societies and religions have killed the sex drive of the people with ugly institutions like marriage, prostitution, etc, and hence it doesn’t happen frequently although we have a population of over 7 billion humans on earth.

It is my personal observation that you can tell about the sex drive of a man or a woman by the kind of music they listen to. Those who like to listen to the Depeche Mode the most seem to have the highest sex drive and that’s the reason why a rising singer that goes by the name ‘Trevor Something’ has so many comments under his Youtube videos with the female commentators wearing nothing but bikinis, lingeries and sometimes nothing at all.

If you are a daily hentai videos watcher, then you must be well aware of the fact that physically stronger men in general have stiffer and stronger dicks and the women with large assets that don’t sag tend to have softer and nicer looking pussies. Such pussies taste 10x better than an average looking pussy.

I personally believe that one day, we will have an Amazon and an eBay of the Mature Escorts market and that day is not far. What a pity, if they make the society free for sex, we will not have to depend upon such things at all.

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Jasbir Bhatti from Berkeley, California, is a Full-Time Adult Products Retailer and Part-Time Sex Blogger, who jerks off using the used sparkly panties that comes to his store for sale to Kamala Harris’s DeepFake Videos.

Jasbir is glad that the number of condoms exported from the USA per year is greater than the number of condoms purchased in the nation 2 decades ago.

Jasbir writes never before the number of sexy lingeries sold exceeded the number of bra and panties sold at a retail store. It really happened for the very first time in 2019.

Jasbir writes during the recession in 2008/2009, the sales for the clothes of both men and women dropped down a lot globally while the sales of sexually provocative clothes increased by 150%. He jokes that the sexually active lifestyle that these couples enjoyed during the recession times was mainly responsible for making them stress-free and clear-minded enough to bring the world out of economic recession again.

Jasbir writes that only once in his lifetime he jerked off to the Reddit OnlyFans nudes. He claims to have edged for 7 hours straight without ejaculating at all during that night. Most of the times, he only jerks off to the interracial porn.

Jasbir believes our nature is sinful by default. Animals are sinful creatures. Being wrong is human. Forgiving is divine. It’s all about being better than your animal self in the end.

Jasbir also believes that if you are a sinner by nature, there’s no divine power that could save you from yourself. Not even all the Buddhas in the universe could help you.

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I have a friend who owns his own limo service in Kentucky. Both himself and his wife are sex machines, and I say this regarding his wife from the first-hand experience. Though you would be surprised to learn that this wife of my friend hates to give a blowjob to anyone, including her boyfriends and husband; her husband has tried several times for the same, each time she bites her cock with her sharp teeth and claim that it was an accident. To enjoy blowjobs, he started visiting trannies that he met through a website.
Trannies are some of the best people to receive a blowjob from and this is something that I tell you from my first-hand experience as well.

This friend of mine who owns a limo service in Kentucky, brags about being a Cheetah in bed and the sucker cannot convince his own wife to give him a BJ. I bet that if she were my wife, she would be blowing me all day all night long.

This sucker friend of mine and his wife have created a private vocabulary for the bedroom fun. They refer to the slow speed fucking as ‘first gear’, when his wife wants it faster, she asks him to fuck her in the ‘sixth gear’.

They also do a lot of roleplay. Mostly he plays the role. His and her most favorite is when he plays the cop.

When I fucked her, I didn’t have to play the role. Our actual story of fucking was quite accidental and I hope that I meet such an accident soon once again or I would have to rely on Ogłoszenia Roksa Striptiz for some such thing to happen.

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Jose Levya’s wife is a screenwriter and poet who celebrates with a sex party after each big paycheck. The first time she took a 13 inch BBC all inside her, she fell unconscious. She really has those Lisa Ann tits naturally. She struggled with obesity all her teen years though.

Both Jose and his wife enjoy fucking on the carpet more than they do on the bed. They also prefer sweaty sex and hence, it is very rare that they have an Air Conditioner or Fans on while making love to each other.

Jose Levya brags that he can last till infinity inside a pussy but blowjob makes him cum within minutes.

Jose believes that in the Arab world, sex education used to be the main subject in the Universities there before the advent of Islam.

Jose brags that he never took any loan or credit in his life. He believes that it wouldn’t be so if he didn’t have access to a particular Discord lewd community and rather used escort agencies to have fun with women other than his wife, he would be strongly indebted without any doubt.

Jose says that each sexy woman that she meets whether it be his wife, his girlfriends or someone he met through a dating app, he fingers her for 15 minutes straight before fucking her.

Jose says that on the working days can last only 60 minutes in bed and on the holidays can easily last 2 hours.

Jose says that on the working days, he can last only 60 minutes maximum in bed and on the holidays he can easily last for 2 hours. He agrees with all those who say that stress is the biggest barrier in a happy sex life.