Asian Pornostars don’t shave their Pubes to retain Pheromones, claims Dutch Sex Blogger

Sharon Abreo is a sex blogger from Quebec, Canada, who writes on her blog that if you marry a woman who is deemed unattractive by some standard of society, you will not be content in your marriage.

Sharon believes that the pubic hair retain pheromones for both men and women and she applauds the International Sugarbabes for not shaving their pubic hair.

Sharon believes that the large framed women are evil.

Sharon writes that any woman who has an unattractive physical treatment will always feel insecure; this insecurity will always seep into the relationship.

Sharon tells to stay away from women with saggy breasts, women with wide waists and women with flat buttocks.

Sharon recently wrote the story of a good male friend of her since her college days. She wrote about him that this friend of hers used to be a member of the cult that goes by the name r/semenretention. He used to sleep naked as those guys told him that wearing an underwear increases the likelihood of a wet dream. He went on to the extent of trying the so-called duct-tape method. He used to place the penis with the tip facing upwards towards the stomach. Then took a strip of duct tape and taped his head down covering his urethra and unwrapped the tape around his waist. In short, “Took the foreskin, covered the urethra, and placed tape over it.”
It gave him a strong case of chronic epididymitis, chronic orchitis and retrograde ejaculation after 4 months of doing so.
He believes that his sex life is over now and probably, he will never be able to have children.