Muscle Girl Cam Sites are the greatest friends of millions, if not billions of lonely men and women around the world

I have a 22 year old nephew who told me recently that he cannot stop fucking since he turned a Darwinist. He says that the belief in evolution has made him believe subconsciously that the more sex he has, the more attractive he will become and he will also be able to father prettier and more fertile babies.

This nephew of mine believes that dinosaurs went extinct because they didn’t have enough sex, which made their popular very low at the first place and another thing that happened with them not having enough sex was that, it decreased their interest in the sex and sexual activities, which made the cells in their body die way too earlier than they should have.

I personally know a weird guy who recently put a lot of glue on his wife’s pussy when going out of the town so that she doesn’t cheat on him. She once used to be one of the most popular muscle girl cam models. As a result, his wife slapped very hard on his fat facial cheeks multiple times until he took her to a doctor. The doctor told him that he cannot do it and told him about a surgeon who was able to do it but was out of the town. The husband and wife kept roaming around the city looking for a surgeon who could repair the glued pussy without tearing it apart. It took them 7 hours to finally find one such doctor and the moment her pussy was unglued, the piss came out of it like a firehose. Her husband is still skeptical all the time that she cheats on him and whenever he shows a sign that he doubts her loyalty, he gets beaten badly by her.

I have a young millionaire friend who makes regular donations to Porntube websites. He claims that porntube websites used to be his only friend after his parents divorced and he was left with nothing but lonelineness and a big dick that craved action all the time.

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