Nobody gives a better head than An Average Bucharest Live Cam Girl, Claims A Sex Blogger

Beatriz Alexander from Florida, is a sex blogger who is notorious for advising the young and middle-aged men on her blog to increase their weight, obviously using healthy ways. She claims that women love weight on their bodies, hence they hate men who weigh lesser than 80 KGs and this could be verified by any live chat girl, she further says.

Beatriz loves to read and analyse religious texts. She claims that Pashtun people belonging to the Indian Subcontinent are Sodom and Gomorrah and them having a homosexual majority population is the biggest proof.

Beatriz writes that during her teenage years, she used to make paper dildos and use those for fun.

Beatriz says that she had her first sex with the librarian of her college.

Beatriz has been donating free sex toys to the disabled people each year for past 7 years now before she turned into a MILF.

Beatriz’s husband – Benjamin, is also a part-time sex blogger. He takes good care of his physical health just because a healthy physique = healthy and happy sex life.

Beatriz and Benjamin have a sort of open marriage. They both regularly become cuckolds to each other having sex with other partners.

Benjamin brags that women can tell by the look of a dick how sensitive it is. He says that he once hired a duo escort and they started moaning right after they saw his dick. Beatriz confirms this fact by stating that he fucked both the escorts right in front of her eyes while she rubbed her pussy with her old fingers only to give her husband a MILF Blowjob after he was done fucking them both but didn’t ejaculate with them. She says although she lets him fuck other women right in front of her eyes, but she never lets any other woman drain her balls.

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