My date with this stunner GILF I met on a Cam Site went unbelievably well

I used to believe that all those comments by the female members on the cam girls nude sites and other cam sites were fake until I set up a date with this curvaceous GILF in my own city once, who claimed to be a grandmother of 12 kids to me, apart from being a mother of 3 sons, each of whom was married and had at least one child of himself. I didn’t care much about any of that while she was telling me all that gibberish, I had already checked that both her pussyhole and asshole were still fucking tight. All that I hated was the fact that she didn’t have a daughter of her own, otherwise, I would have tried to have a threesome with both mother and daughter at a time, it would really have been something out of a porn video which that old lady cannot get enough of watching.

The old lady told me that she is extremely frank with all her 3 sons and each of them tells his crazy real-life sexual adventure, sexual issues, etc, to her.

On my second date with her, she told me that the wife of one of her sons suffers with a POIS (Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome), which is rare in men and extremely rare in women. Although she suffers with this POIS thing, she can never get enough of sex. The only time when she doesn’t feel the effect of POIS is when she is sexually aroused, and hence, to never feel bad, she keeps her pussy wet all the time. She also squirts 8 out of 10 times on an average if she has something warm in her pussy for over 10 minutes.

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