Reading those Cam Girls Chat Reviews made me realize that there is no Highest Common Factor among Whores

I recently came across this gynecologist on a Discord chat server, who told me that the natural big breasts of a beautiful woman, no matter which race and color she belongs to, oozes a specific fragrance, which is so sexy to a real man full of testosterone that he can die for it. He claims to have been trying to create a perfume for a while now, which mimics the very same smell.

This gynecologist sounded like a troll to me, when he said in the ‘Lobby’ of that Discord server that his wife loves to eat apples and oranges and he himself loves to eat bananas. She doubts that he is a bisexual and he doubts that she is a bisexual and when she shows no interest in any sexual activity with himself, he tends to doubt that she is a lesbian.

I have been spending a lot of time reading reviews for the adult products and websites lately, especially cam girls chat reviews and reading the same, I have come to the conclusion that you cannot name a Highest Common Factor among the whores, but they have several common Prime Factors.

I believe that the idea to the inventor of the smartphone to create the same when he found it hard to find an escort or have a sex chat while he was in a remote area with no computer.

I wonder all the time if the governments of the nations around the world arranged sex championships just like they do wrestling, shooting, etc, I would be a gold medalist each year and I am not bragging or showing-off here.

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