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John Billing from Lansing, Michigan, is a Sex Blogger and Architect, who got married twice. He has 3 children with each of his wives. Both the wives of John have hyperlactation syndrome, taking advantage of which, he never missed the opportunity to enjoy fresh milkshake taking advantage of this. He listens to popular American singer – Kelis’ popular track ‘Milkshake’ to remind himself of those beautiful times when his wife is not lactating.

John claims to have the secret information of the brief marriage between the Retired Persian-American Pornstar, Free Live Sex Big Boob Cam Model and Escort – Persia Pele and a Bollywood Comedian. She got pregnant twice during their marriage and both the times, they agreed on aborting the infant which John criticizes and has written over 700 articles against.

John writes Mughals were too ahead of their times in so many ways. He writes whereas the science only recently discovered that women hit their sexual peak at the age of 30; the Mughals knew this all well since time unknown. The Mughal Emperors and Elite of the Mughal Empire preferred their wives in their late 20s and early 30s.

Our institutions have been infiltrated. JFK warned us 60 years ago. Politics, Hollywood, the Church, DigTech, Academia. Most men are too bust lusting, watching sports, useless entertainment and chasing money to notice. We get what we deserve.

John Billing

John claims an Afghan Sikh is responsible for the increasing rate of Arabian Dates imports and consumption in China. This Afghan-Sikh told a prominent Chinese Businessman about the sexual benefits of eating the Arabian Dates. This prominent Chinese Businessman has several friends in the Chinese mainstream media, he told them to tell the benefits of eating dates on the TV and other news sources they were involved in and simultaneously invested tons of money in importing dates from UAE and the plan all went very well and it continues to happen that way.

John partook in the NoFap challenge once. He says flatlining is the most misunderstood concept among the NoFap participants. They take it as something negative, but it is in reality when the period when your body uses all the energy it produces to repair, rejuvenate and strengthen itself.

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