Men Around The Globe Divorcing Their Wives To Be Able To Chat With Asian Live Webcam Models Longer

I know there is no concept of celibacy in Islam and that’s where the difference is. I was born and raised a Catholic and I wanted to stay a lifelong celibate since I learnt the harms of sex, ejaculation, etc. The thought of compromising my life just for the sake of a social institution built a few thousand years ago was ridiculous to me. Never in my worst nightmare could I imagine being a coomer at the age of 29 So, I grew up with this belief that celibacy is superior to the marriage and there is nothing that can change that belief for me as I have been on long streaks in the past and I have the first-hand experience that compromising ‘bliss of celibacy’ for the sake of a social institution is stupid. You don’t know how beautiful this life that god gives you is unless you experience it first-hand. It cannot be put into the words. Life = Raw Energy. Life = Youth. Life = Bliss. Marriage is just a social institution. Monogamous marriage is second best compared to the celibacy but it is no match compared to the celibacy. If you can stay a celibate and you are happy with it, giving yourself in to the marriage would be an utter foolishness. Especially today when you can have kids without marriage. Just a few decades ago the celibates couldn’t have kids but still it was considered the best option, but now you can have the best of both worlds.

Ram Nadar

The guy who wrote this is now divorced and regularly fucks the artificial pussies he bought from a website whose advertisement he saw on Asian Live Webcam. Just goes on to show that real life pussies are no match to the fake ones.

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