Those blonde stunners and curvy Latin beauties in Porto Alegre love to enjoy tantric style

Dumb guys and girls take drugs, smart guys and girls practice tantric sex. Smart and stunning escorts in Porto Alegre (Acompanhantes em Porto Alegre) get paid for practicing tantric sex as well.

I love to finger the pussies of those stunning escorts in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and I do it too often, but recently, I was told by an escort in Porto Alegre, Brazil, that my finger didn’t feel good in her pussy. Other escorts in Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo’s faces also hinted the same to me, but this blonde chick in Porto Alegre happened to be the one who told this to me on my face. I believe using that hand sanitizer is what caused it. I have been using hand sanitizer for a while now, and since the mainstream media started crying about that Covid-19, I have been using crazy amounts of it.
Using hand sanitizer on the dick regularly caused one of my friends erectile dysfunction. He hopes that it is temporary one. No Urologist has been able to treat it till date. He says that seeing your dead dick is a lot more painful than seeing your dead relative/friend or even parent.
This friend of mine claims to have learnt far more things indulging in swinging than watching porn all the time.
The wife of this friend of mine loves to receive a footjob but hates to give a rimjob, it is the opposite for him, he hates to fuck or suck her foot, but can’t get enough of her eating his ass. They first refuse to give each other their favorite, but now they have come to the mutual agreement although they hate it. He has been sucking her foot since he has been unable to fuck her foot and she has been eating his ass each night like before.

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