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Raymond also never gets tired of repeating that behind every hijab, there are boobs rubbed with a special oil that is known for making them bigger and more sensitive.

Raymond says that he loves a woman who doesn’t complain just like his wife and all the Asian women that he has had till date.

One of Raymond’s nephews wants to practice chastity till he gets married but he gets a wet dream each time he meets his fiance and that has been bothering him a lot.

Raymond claims to have an extraordinary large dick. He writes on his blog that only men with 10+ inch long dicks know how miserable it is for them to see their woman in tears. He says it is nothing like in a soft core porn movie in the real life. Not in his case, at least.

Raymond writes it is a pity that the beauty contest candidates aren’t what they once used to be. He writes that the deterioration begun when Donald Trump became a part of the scene.

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William Overstreet recently launched an online magazine with nothing but sexual poetry and paintings.

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William claims that meditation increases libido and improves the quality of erections.

William studied Hinduism thoroughly. He jokes that arguably the greatest Hindu God – Shiva, can milk 4 women at a time.

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