Physician Assistant Stopped Saving Money Since He Saw That Turk BBW On A Live Masturbation Site

Jules Kruger from Oakland, California, is a Sex Blogger and Physician Assistant, who recently created an adult niche business, a website that shows free porn, sells adult toys, and will soon offer live sex cam chat. The website shouldn’t be called a business as all the profits go for the welfare of the acid attack victims across the globe.

Jules claims to have done a great deal of research on Ugandan Pasta Senpai (Pastor Martin Sempa), Ugandan TV Host – Simon Kaggwa Njala and perhaps the most active and popular Gay Rights Activist of Uganda – Pepe Julien Onziema, quite too well.

Jules claims one of Pastor Martin Sempa’s sons is a closet homosexual whom the Pastor hates a lot since he was little as he doesn’t look like him and Pastor doubts he is biologically a son of some other guy. Pastor caught this son of his having sexual action with other gays quite a few times and that’s the reason why he hates the LGBTQ people so much.

As a history freak, Jules also claims to have done a great deal on Pakistan. He says he also keeps an eye on the current events of Pakistan. He writes the Well-off and Well-educated Pakistani men fear the martial law mainly for they think they are going to ban porn in Pakistan as one of the first things other than the Mujra and Female Masturbation Sites. He adds that many of the Pakistani men also fear that the VPN would be banned during the martial law as well.

Jules once dated this BBW from Vanuatu, who wouldn’t have sex with him if he wasn’t wearing a red coloured dotted condom on his dick. He believes she is the only woman with that fetish in the entire world. He is not sure about the LGBTQ community though.

Jules has been digging deep into the history of the Turks. He writes that for a very long time, the Turks believed that the girls born on 3rd were physically weaker and grew up to become adulterous. He writes for that very reason, many of the peasants would kill their baby girl right after her birth.