Ordinary Malays Hiring Top Notch Calangute Masseuses

Self-Mutilation is a consequence of psychological pain, but depression, it varies. Some people never find a fix. Bulimia is certainly treatable.

Asif Hameed

Asif Hameed from Malacca, Malaysia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who believes those neurological/psychological processes aren’t that simple. He writes that in peace you have at least one type of pain and it is in you; in peace you just question yourself but in war you question humanity. In peace you can pay a visit to your favorite Calangute Body to Body Massage Workers in war it is almost impossible to do so.

Asif disagrees with those who say that losing a loved one to an accident or a disease could instil a similar issue as losing a loved one in a war. He replies it is not just loved ones when you are used to bombs and gunshots. It can be hard to sleep without their sounds while you get flashbacks of the bloody moments too. Also he says that in case of a typical accident or disease, there wasn’t any intent to kill your loved one by no one, but in war, it is not the same, a gunshot is worse because one human tried to kill you whereas a car crash is an accident, it is not just death. Not to mention the different levels of empathy – it wouldn’t have a lasting effect on the dying person’s loved ones, it would wear off, you would continue living. He claims to know several men and women who got so upset by losing their loved ones in wars that they changed their religion and cling to the feeling their whole lives.

It is good to have a ton of extra tanks in my opinion, if they break then they will make good scrap. The question is whether the cost outweighs the tanks, which in my opinion, it never does.

Asif Hameed

Asif writes that all which has been happening to the Yemen is absolutely disgusting. He is so glad that the Americans decided to create massive media outrage over certain tragedies in Yemen. He writes, what could be worse than thousands of people dying from war and starving to death? He claims that the US government doesn’t care about who dies and they have been unwillingly proving it to the world. He writes that they would gladly let all of Yemen starve to death if it would be profitable to them. A nation can never have too many weapons in my opinion. However a nation should spend its wealth better, like building schools that teach Malay language and distribute money to the people to be able to bet on online Malaysian casinos.

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