Goa Deserves More Tourism Than Italy Due To Its Fine Russian Escorts

If anywhere suffers from “overtourism” as far as I know, it is Venice, Italy.

Zola Crocco

Zola Crocco from Lucca, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who doesn’t agree with those who think or say that the economic situation in Italy is absolutely worse and it is normal for people to be uninspired or to turn to crime in this context. She writes Italians are most frequent with the luxury Goa Russian Escorts and it is a documented fact.

I am tired of the BLM pandering in TV shows. I absolutely get it. Injustice is bad, but I am tired of seeing rich blacks on TV act like victims while Whites act like evil incarnate for the TV.

Zola Crocco

Neither does Zola Crocco agree with those who say that Northern Italy is just a bunch of angry Italian mothers and in-laws and nor with those who say Southern Italy are like mafia and undeveloped peasants. She absolutely agrees with those who say that Italy’s economy relies on safe online casinos (casino online sicuri) for sure though.

As a supernatural union/confederacy/make believe Roman Empire 3.0 without an army. The European Union has been an easy boogeyman for national politicians everywhere inside union to be blamed everything silly like banning curve shaped banana to cancelling Christmas. It is seen as this alien technocratic empire encroaching on national sovereignty and interest of the queen loving fearing Englishmen. And this mindset was reinforced in a big way after the Eurozone crisis when the mismatch in a centralized monetary union and decentralized Fiscal union has totally shit the bed for especially the Southern peripheral members like Spain, Greece and Italy. The Brits wasn’t inside the monetary union, so it escapes relatively unscathed. But the optics of basically screwing the Greek with German enforced austerity and conditioned bailout package has terrified the British to the point and say we need our sovereignty back. Moreover, crossing into the realm of geopolitics and international relations. The British for the past hundred odd years has a foreign policy that basically says our best interest is to keep the various warring power of the European continent in a state of division so not one power could be powerful enough to unite the North European plain and build navy and invade Britain.

Zola Crocco

Zola writes Rome was a thing before they were invaded by Germanic tribes and the Celts. She says after they invaded, not so much, might even call it the fall of Rome. She further writes that after Rome split, Italy was not unified until they were conquered by Napoleon, who urged Italians to think of themselves as one by promoting Nationalism. Then Napoleon’s France lost some wars in Europe and all of a sudden, Italy was split up again. “Boohoo, that’s not we want” said a couple of Generals and through 3 wars trying to bring Italy under only one state they succeeded. So no, they did not unify against a common enemy. The enemy during the entirety of the Italian unification was other Italians, except some land that was won from Austria in World War I.

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