Female Clients Demanding Gigolos To Roleplay Their Stepson, Thanks To Ditnhau

Trusting a voluptuous black woman blindly is like trusting an escort agency in a third-world country with fake pictures.

Benjamin Huff

Benjamin Huff from New Town, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Gigolo, who claims to have slept with CNN’S Christine Amanpour on 5 difference occasions.

Benjamin claims the most demanded roleplays for a Gigolo had always been Pizza Boy Roleplays until recently. Nowadays, incest roleplays are most demanded by the female clients due to the influence of ditnhau flicks.

Benjamin’s dad was a follower of the Indian Guru – OSHO. As guided by OSHO, when he started noticing his thoughts, it turned out 85% of those were sex related.

Benjamin writes that working wives who generally tell their husbands that they don’t have time for sex, have plenty of time and money for their favorite male gigolos.

Benjamin claims both Donald Trump and Mike Pence suffer with the condition called erectile dysfunction and the wives of both are hot topics among the gigolos.

Benjamin claims taking steroids increased his libido by at least 5-6 times.

Benjamin claims to have fucked over 6000 different pussies of different colors. He says he has those turn into almost all different colors but silver, golden or grey.

Benjamin writes that not only do the Russian women age like wine. Their pussies also start smelling like wine as they age.

Benjamin writes that since the coronavirus outbreak, most of the focus of the adult industry bosses and their employees has been turned to coronavirus from STDs, be it the porn industry or the escort industry.

Benjamin believes Briana Banks has always been an underrated pornstar but Jenna has always been the most overrated.

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