The War Between Career Women And Massage Models Is Getting Real

Jim Lawson from North Dakota, lived in UAE for 5 years and the only Arabic word that he learnt while living there was ‘Habibi’. He calls his wife – Terra, habibi all the time and she loves him for that.

Both Jim and Terra believe that the real sexual revolution started with free internet porn. They both say that all the so-called sexual revolutions that took place before didn’t do much.

Terra is a career woman and she is out abroad on a business trip for at least 6 months in a year. When she is not around, Jim regularly does have chat with Bandra East Massage Models. Last time when she was not in North Dakota, Jim dated a Half-Kashmiri, Half-Iranian Woman, he says she is the best fuck he has ever had.

Jim Lawson claims that Lauren Lake of Reality TV Show – Paternity Court is a relative of one of the most popular Black Pornstars of all times – Diamond Jackson, but there is no way that she is ever going to acknowledge this fact, although Diamond wants Lauren to do it.

Jim says that he is not impressed with the quality of passion for sex of the most modern American pornstars that joined the industry after the financial year 2015. He says before that, most pornstars used to be highly passionate for sex but since the porn became too mainstream and when we are living in the time when an ugly and non-passionate actress like Mia Khalifa happens to be the most popular pornstar for the past couple of years, what else can one expect.

Dickinson Gift Store Owner Doesn’t Hesitate To Give Tips To North Goa Masseuses

There are tens of thousands of men across the globe who collect and admire all kinds of sex dolls. It is one of the latest hobbies among adult men and a healthy man.

Thomas Duclan

Thomas Duclan from Dickinson, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Gift Store owner, who believes massage parlours are the identity of Thailand and without those, it wouldn’t be the same country. He thinks North Goa Massage Service Parlours gave the Province of Goa recognition among the young and old worldwide.

Thomas writes the stigma remains, most people outside Africa think incest is too common in the African Content as you would see in a Black Anal Porno Movie.

Thomas isn’t happy with the sex education curriculum of the schools and colleges, globally.

Having spent nights with several women belonging to ethnicity, Thomas claims Black women enjoy vaginal sex a lot more than their White and Asian counterparts, but they don’t enjoy blowjobs, anal sex and other fetishes even close to how much their White and Asian counterparts do.

Thomas writes that no matter how hard the Australian Brothels try, they can never be challenging enough for the Thai Massage Parlours.

Thomas doesn’t agree with the survey conducted in Connecticut, which concluded that the Fascists and Ethnostate supporters are more involved in incestual relationships and are more frequent to the Thai Massage Parlours and Amsterdam Brothels.

Thomas is happy about and believes the survey done in Croatia which concluded that the couples involved in incest are more likely to use condoms than the non-incestual couples.

Thomas cannot forget the moment when he saw the most beautiful Asian woman he had ever encountered, outside Evangelical Church of Bangkok. She stared him in the eyes like she was crazy for him till she entered the Church for her prayer. He writes he thought she was a single beauty looking for a mate and it is funny that when she entered the Church, he thought she would pray to God to get him as a soulmate but he was shocked to see her coming out of the Church with another guy holding her hands. He writes that all his dreams to make beautiful little babies with that beautiful Asian woman were shattered right after that.

Thomas claims to know a man who has been trying to enlarge the size of his penis for the last 20 years now, using different methods, but hasn’t seen any sort of success so far.

Thomas predicts the American cheerleaders would be required by the law to kneel for a blowjob for the winners in the stadium itself by 2040.

Cunning Feminist Apologized To Baga Massage Parlours For Her Misdeeds

Adam Voyton from Cibola County, New Mexico, is a full-time domain flipper and part-time sex blogger, who claims that Turkey is going to be the new Republic of China for making and selling cheap products across the globe after this so-called coronavirus staged drama ends.

Adam’s friendliest cousin, whom Adam refers to as his brother from another mother, is into the business of manufacturing small bluetooth speakers and earphones which are relabeled by the wholesalers and then relabeled as their own brand. This cousin of Adam is the source of the above mentioned news for Adam.

Adam writes on his blog that the pussies of the MILFs and/or GILFs who have never been impregnated feel much better than the high estrogen 20 year old chics. Adam recommends that you get yourself a childless granny as a girlfriend as your first girlfriend if you want the best sex possible and also a lot of experience without much drama within a very short time. Adam says that he is not alone who says this, he claims that most of Brazzers videos try to convey this message to the youngsters around the world.

Adam believes that the biggest mystery to him is why the MILFs and GILFs like to kiss with their eyes open while the younger women like to kiss with their eyes closed. He claims that he has tried his best to unveil this mystery but his hard-work that bore no fruits has only made him believe that it is going to stay a mystery till the day of Armageddon.

Adam writes about this one so-called feminist human rights activist responsible for finding 2 NGOs which primarily do their “destructive work” in North Goa. This feminist always used to lash out on a Baga Massage Parlour for every mishappening that takes place against a woman in North Goa. A couple of days ago, this feminist woke up and discovered having tens of floaters in each one of her eyes. The doctor told her that this condition is now permanent for her and she is required to take medications everyday to treat the condition till the last day of her life. Her conscience told her that it all happened to her due to the bad karma which she accumulated by insulting B2B massage parlours throughout the province of Goa wrongly and deliberately so as to gain fame. Just yesterday, she called all of the North Goa Massage Parlour owners and asked for their apologies. They were all generous enough to pardon her.

Sex Blogger Decided To Be A Masseuse After Being Dissatisfied With Her BFs Over And Over

Riley Brenton is a sex and porn blogger who claims that every 3rd minute, an adult American woman loses her virginity.

Riley claims that shaving a man’s body hair is a feminist propaganda, the aim of which is to incapacitate the men from functioning at their best levels so that the women can takeover them. She adds that a man’s body hair, especially on arms and chest give women sexual goosebumps and feminists can’t stand them falling unconditionally for a man. Riley claims that the feminists want to make the men ugly and sexually attractive along with dysfunctional at career and other aspects.

Riley Brenton claims that the nation of Turkey will enact the Constitutional Protection for the LGBT community by 2022, which will infuriate a great percentage of the Right-Wing Muslims.

Riley loves her men more wearing tight boxers than totally naked.

Riley dated both Hindu and Sikh men in the past. She claims that the Sikh men have larger dicks than their Hindu counterparts and the Sikhs also last longer compared to the Hindus, she adds that she is not being a racist or giving preferences to one religion here.

Riley writes on her blog that she hates huge bodybuilders but loves huge aesthetic cocks.

Riley loves internet, but hates television, she loves Youtube but hates DailyMotion, she loves Slack Chat but hates Discord.

Riley dated several wealthy businessmen in the past and she says that most of them are lame fucks and that’s when she decided that she would be going to work for a Candolim Massage Service Parlour for the rest of her life.

Female Tennis Players Offering Cross-Gender B2B Massage Services In Candolim

Erkin Cooksey from Modesto, California, is a Part-Time Sex Blogger and Full-Time Business Development and Sales Manager at a Top Multinational Company, who believes the survey which claims that females from Miami, Florida, have more sex than women from any other US city and also constitute of more live sex cam models than any other US city and those flirt4free reviews are the proof.

Erkin is friends with this 5’1″ Syrian guy living in Spain, who says that no beautiful woman would date him. He is focused completely on making millions, then he is going to prey on a Spanish Pornstar to marry him.

This friend of Erkin says the only big con that marrying a pornstar has is your kids learning about it once they start watching porn and masturbating. He says, he is going to avoid it by preventing his kids from ever watching porn and by not letting their friends, siblings or parents ever have a glimpse of his ex-pornstar wife or they shall know.

Erkin believes early men craved more knowledge about sex and sexuality than any other thing and that’s how they were able to survive, thrive and evolve. He writes enthusiasm for sex is the only reason why homo sapiens had a stronger desire to live than any of their counterparts including Neanderthals.

Erkin has always been a huge fan of the Indian Actress Aishwarya Rai. He claims to have jerked off to her deepfake porn videos more than anything else. He claims to have studied her sex life very well through different sources. He claims the Indian actress Aishwarya Rai lost her virginity to the Spanish Singer – Enrique Iglesias. He further claims that Enrique’s long-term partner and also mother to his one and only baby, the tennis player – Anna Kournikova, has a sex tape of them both having a vigorous sex and looking at the passion of both Aishwarya and Enrique, it feels as if it was the first time when Enrique had sex too.

Erkin recently visited Candolim, North Goa, only to discover that that place is like the Akal Takht for the Happy Ending Massage Services in the Province of Goa. He is proud of the fact that he enjoyed Candolim B2B Massage Services all the time he could while he was there in Goa.

Indian Govt Should Provide Free Sex Dolls & Free Access To Massage Parlours Once A Month

Did some experienced and intelligent man ever tell you that women with thick and wide noses hate to fuck, the only exception to this are the Black women or the Aboriginal ones, but the women with Jewish noses, be they Jewish or not, love it.

Also, did anyone ever tell you that the looser the walls of a woman’s pussy gets, the more interested they tend to become in the sexual activity, no wonder why so many moms, grannies and even great-grannies fuck a lot better than their younger counterparts, even when the profession of their younger counterparts is that of fucking all day, all night long. Like they may even be a masseuse working for a Massage Service in Candolim.

I believe that the government should make asexuality illegal and the government must also provide free sex dolls to the adults belonging to all genders.

I am very glad that there are very few prudish women left in the world now. Currently, I don’t know a single pink-collar adult woman who has Victorian sexual views. The common notion about 40 years ago was that pink-collar women were some of the most prudish ones, thankfully, it all has changed now.

I believe that it would be quite correct to say that more nurses than ever before have been busy sucking the dicks of their patients, more teachers than ever before of their students and more personal secretaries than ever before of their students, in the current times and it is one of the best things that this century has had to offer in the first 20 years followed by the notorious coronavirus, which I believe will only kill the people who refuse to evolve and want to live in the iron age.

Real Life Big Lips Nurses Giving BJs To Hospital Patients Like You Would See On A Porn Site

I believe that having nothing but naked nurses in the hospital will help the patients get better faster, but I know that the crook politicians won’t let it happen. Imagine a tattoo goth girl roaming around everywhere in a hospital, wearing nothing at all giving blowjob to every patient with a big dick like you would see on porn sites. This would also help identify the nurses better in the hospital, both to the patients and doctors. Doctors would be able to identify the nurses by their tattoos, boobs, butt, nipples, etc.

There’s no barometer that can measure the attraction between a straight man and a woman or even between the people belonging to the LGBT community. And I would be more than glad if they are able to create one in the near future. Men and women would be seriously roaming around carrying that barometer to find a perfect soulmate, to know their self-worth, or just to have a good time.

I recently wrote this parody for the song produced in 1986 – “Is this love” by Whitesnake and I would love to share it with you all, it goes like:-

I should have done you better
Than to fuck you in the missionary position alone
It’s cumshots like these
I feel like better than doing it on my own all alone
Wasted condoms and your pussy still tight
And I can’t wait to fuck you in the same position again.
I find my dick still erect
Waiting for your warm mouth
How can I jerk-off, babe
My dick is inside my fleshlight
I need your pussy tight
To make it white
‘Cause I don’t think I am gonna use a condom today.
Is this friction that I am feeling
Is this the hole that I’ve been searching for
Is this real or am I having a wet dream
This must be real
‘Cause your pussy is smelling like a fish
A stinking fish to me.
I can’t stop cumming
I have never came so much before
I think I have found the key to cum this much
Inside any hole of yours
I can feel my dick erect
Growing stronger day by day
And I can’t wait to fuck you in the same position again.

Is this the right hole by BoobMan

I really hope that you liked the song and some of you might even consider singing the same. I am writing one more sex parody song right now and will share it with you as well.

Live Sex Cam BBW Models Love Roleplays And Fetishes

Ego Ndubizu from Silver Spring, Maryland, is a Computer Engineer and Sex Blogger, who doesn’t find any Non-BBW woman attractive at all. He blames the glamour industry (movies, modeling) etc, for ruining it for the BBWs in the first place and then when the BBW trend was at its peak in the late 2000s and early 2010s, he started seeing a hope that the Hollywood and other movie industries will recruit nothing but Big Beautiful Women as their lead actresses but all his dreams got shattered when there is literally not a single top lead Hollywood actress who is a BBW till date. The only place where he gets to see his dream BBWs is a web portal.

Ego studied a Pre-Apprenticeship course to become an apprentice electrician, but later decided to go to the university as no hot blonde Adult Live Cams stunner would date an electrician.

The older a woman, the more she appreciates the size of balls compared to the size of a dick.

Ego Ndubizu

Ego claims to have met one of the greatest black female pop singers of all times – Rihanna, backstage. She told him that she would be a pornstar if not an artist. She cannot imagine living as a normal working woman 9-5 or a stay at home.

Ego claims medications for hypothyroidism turns a woman into a total freak in the bed. He dated one such whore in the past.

Ego’s current girlfriend loves roleplays as a clown to convey that she is in the mood for anal sex tonight.

Ego had a Malaysian girlfriend who had a fetish for drinking her man’s piss. He used to enjoy making her drink his piss.

Ego once started believing that sex and porn are bad. He started struggling with it. He wrote an article titled “An engineer by the day and a coomer by the night I am so tired of fighting this fight.”

Ego believes prostitution accounts for $700 Billion in GDP for roughly 100 countries.

Receive Free BJs From Big Boobed Japanese Women In Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Florin Ionut from Dade City, Florida, is a full-time sex blogger, who writes that the Belarusian President – Alexander Lukashenko, is perhaps the greatest womaniser amongst all the current day world leaders. He adds the reason why his wife has been living separately from her husband, is his womanising addiction which only seems to grow as he ages and losses more hair on his head. He claims Lukashenko was in Aberdeenshire, Scotland recently and all he did there was find sluts with large boobs for casual sex in Aberdeenshire there.

Florin has always been a great advocate of the escorting business and he is one of the few to encourage Japanese escorts in the USA so that the straight men of America can enjoy extraordinary Japanese Blowjob.

Florin believes that soon enough, there would be institutes all across the globe where they would teach both men and women to become better escorts.

Florin writes that the states/hot hubs that are popular for escorts – Amsterdam, Bangkok; Keeping in view the kind of escorts that they have been offering, more services that they included recently in their portfolio, it goes without saying that they are going to remain the hot hubs for at least next 100 years as well, regardless of what revolution takes place in this industry.

Florin rejects the notion that Jesus was a celibate. He claims that Jesus had sex at least twice a day in his 20s and least thrice a day in 30s before he got hanged. He even doubts the reason behind his hanging.

Florin is against celibacy before/after marriage. He practised it himself for a while and has come the conclusion that releasing semen brings you more in the present moment while semen retention makes you live more in your head.

Survey Says Male Bentley Flying Spur Owners Prefer Big Tits Over Big Butts

In my girlfriend’s pussy
I feel warmer than all
I can get inside my all
It’s the only way to spend night
In pussy
In my girlfriend’s pussy
I can only give whereas she is the one who receives
The cum
It keeps me sane and intelligent
Her pussy is a magnet
For my dick
Here in my girlfriend’s pussy
When the walls break down
My dick will visit some blood

It is a song that I wrote as a parody for Gary Numan’s cars when my girlfriend is away and I am left on my own with ellinikes tsontes for days to come and ellinikes tsontes is the only thing that is going to help me to cum.

I believe that there is a bias against the single masturbators in our society whereas those that aren’t single don’t feel ashamed bragging about their wanking addiction.

I love tall women with big natural boobs like you would see at I believe that the bigger the boobs a woman possesses, the more humble and generous she is. That’s why I have always had busty girlfriends and they were all humble and generous as well.

One of my neighbors is a distributor for penis pumps. He makes tens of thousands of dollars in a week. He drives a Bentley Flying Spur which he bought off the penis pumps money.

One of my good friends, to whom this very neighbor supplied penis pump to, claims that he gets migraine whenever he masturbates using his hands but not when he does the same with a penis pump. On the contrary, another friend of mine that uses the very same penis pump as well, can last for hours in the bed but cums too early with the penis pump.

Top Pornstars Need To Wear Saree More Often

Daniel Belasco from Franklin, Ohio, is a sex blogger and an army veteran, who writes on his blog that the Indian saree before the Mughals invaded India used to reveal a woman’s body almost as much as a skimpy bikini would, but the Mughals and the increasing Muslim population shamed the Indians extensively until they finally came up with the current version of saree which covers a woman almost as much as a traditional Catholic nun’s dress. He says it is a pity that the Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent still shame the sarees almost as much as they did before for different reasons.

Daniel knows a Pakistani=Muslim man who always tells him that seeing an Indian hottie wearing a saree gives him the same boner as watching top pornstars fuck would.

This Pakistani-Muslim friend of Daniel is obsessed with the Indian author – Arundhati Roy. He regularly creates her deepfake videos all the time and jerks off to those.

Daniel claims to have been having sex with the same hooker for the past 25 years. He writes she has been becoming more appealing to him with each sexual session constantly for the past 25 years to the extent that whenever he even has a wet dream, it is her who fucks in the dream. He adds that it is appalling to him that how come it is a shock for the other men and women to learn about this, especially the female hookers who have never had many regular clients.

Daniel once dated a African-American Lawyer. He has a baby with her. She is so well-off that she never asked for the child support.

Chanting Mantras for 70 Minutes a Day make you fuck like those top Male Pornstars do in the IFL Porn Movies

No matter how much the Hindus, Muslims and Jews try to bury the sexual exploits of their gods, prophets/messiahs, etc; They cannot succeed at hiding it 100% as long as we have the internet, sex tourists, honest authors and translators.

I have a friend who loves to travel to the east as a sex tourist. He also loves to study and experiment with the different things mentioned in the scriptures of the different religions and also what the religious gurus belonging to those religions preach.

After chanting ‘Hare Krishna Hare Rama’ for 70 minutes a day without any break for 6 months, he has come to the conclusion that chanting those words do not increase spirituality but rather the libido of a man and he honestly admits that he doesn’t have any clue about what it does to a woman. He claims that it increases the libido of a man to an extent that although he has 3 girlfriends and a wife who are all ready and willing to fuck whenever he asks for it, he still cannot stop wanking to the IFL Porn everyday since he started chanting those four words for 70 minutes a day and he is loving the experience. He says that he cannot thank ISKCON enough for telling him to chant those four words for a happy and better life.

This friend of mine claims that the prehistoric Hindus used to be very sexually liberal until they got invaded first by the Aryans, then by the Muslims and then the Christians.

Stacey Saran Lovers Visiting Calangute Massage Centres To Lose Their Virginity

Zachary Snyder from Cuyahoga, Ohio, is a Ceramics Artist and Sex Blogger, who says that he doesn’t know a single alpha man who doesn’t bang 7 days a week. He is not sure about the leading women though.

Zachary recently visited the house where he grew up. His cum stains are still there all over the house.

Zachary recently got married for the third time. He says that although already overweight, he starts gaining more weight each time he is about to get married. He completely agrees with the MILF Porn – Butt3erfly, who is notorious for making Free VR Porn Videos belonging to the incest category, women love to feel the weight on them.

Zachary and his wife claim to know several women who regularly cheat on their men, and without exception they cheat with the men who are heavier than their own husbands.

Zachary never gets tired of repeating this tale of a male teacher in his college who used to drive girls crazy with a mere look.

Zachary once dared ask the teacher his secret, he told him that it was eating a mix of onion, celery and tomato as much as possible. Zachary gave it a go and it increased Zachary’s testosterone levels by 150% in less than 3 months.

Zachary believes Sophie Dee is the most overrated British pornstar of all times while Antonia Deona AKA Stacey Saran is the most underrated British pornstar ever. He remembers watching this one video of Stacey Saran with a Black guy which he claims to have jerked off to at least 500 times to date.

Zachary believes genetic engineering, HD VR Porn Movies and Calangute Massage Centres are the only two ways that we can use to get rid of the involuntarily celibates.

Phallus Worshipping Bandra East Masseuses Wanna Cuddle You

What is the definition of a real woman to you? Do you think a real woman uses anything other than a custom-made dildo? Do you believe that a real woman has excessive estrogen levels and she fucks around everywhere but acts very shy in the public? Whatever the definition of a real woman is according to you, one thing that I ensure you here is that ‘a real woman’ cannot live without a cock, she respects a gentleman’s cock like no other and that’s the reason why women belonging to different ancient paganic religions used to worship phalluses and many still do, take the Hindu women as an example. Those high Bandra East Full Body Massage prices may trick you into believing that Indian women hate sex, but trust me, they love it more than an average White woman.

It is a shame that the monotheistic religions around the world will do whatever it takes to keep their machine running, no matter how cruel they have to become in order to do so. They have been doing their utmost to suppress the sexuality and intelligence of an average man and a woman and getting away with it for thousands of years. If you are a reader of my blog, then I urge you to put a fullstop to the monkey business of these so-called Monotheistic religions and have a healthy and fulfilling sex life.
I personally believe that the science and technology will soon be able to make females as physically strong as the men and men as sexually irresistible as the women. Till then, the members belonging to either of the genders can read my blog and get tips regarding that subject.

Experience beats beauty when it comes to a sexual session, and hence, if you are a virgin, then you better practice on that mini sex doll before you get yourself a real woman. Your woman is really going to appreciate it.

So, the tip of the day for the straight men, bisexual men and women, lesbian women is that the more hostile a chick is to the strangers, the more fun she is in the bed. This is coming from my decades of experience dealing with women of all sorts.

I would like to end this post with a parody slang song that I just wrote on Harden my Heart by Quarterflash:-

Massaging my dick on the corner, with a special essential oil
I swear I’ll never masturbate again
You gave me your word that you will provide me with a hole of years each time that I am hard but that turned out to be a lie
My wild dreams give me blue balls and I never thought you were so
But it’s time to kick that stinking ass of yours, hoe
I am gonna fuck the name that porn models
I am gonna fuck the fleshlights
I am gonna make my sex tapes and tag it with you on Twitter
All of my life I have jerked-off to Playboy
I have been waiting for a warm and soft hole that never, ever came
It feels so close, but always disappears
Cheating whore, in your wildest dreams, you never rode me
But it’s time that I curse you

Kentucky Clinical Psychiatrist Had Time Of Her Life As A Vagator Escort

Dr Crystal Kapoor is a Clinical Psychiatrist from Owensboro, Kentucky, who claims that the Croats living in Croatia are most likely to get psychological illnesses, but it is just the opposite for those who live abroad, he says that the case is very similar with the people of Kyrgyzstan, i.e. Kyrgyzstanis are some of the most likely people to get psychological illnesses if they live in their own country but some of the least likely people to get psychological diseases when they live abroad.

Dr Crystal Kapoor claims that the television addicts are 5 times more likely to have chronic depression than the internet or smartphone addicts and this is not something anecdotal but rather a proven fact.

Dr Crystal Kapoor tells on her blog to delete the phone numbers of all the negative people and the people who gave you hard times as she believes that recalling or reminder of such people even by accident is fatal for a person’s psychological health.

Dr Crystal Kapoor claims that normally, women are less likely to get bipolar disorder or chronic depression than men but it is the opposite with the female actors, they are much more likely to suffer with the chronic depression and bipolar than the male actors, which she believes is something than cannot completely be attributed to the stresses, the responsibilities, etc, that come with it, bur rather something very deep and which is needed to be investigated. She adds that many of the female actors that are her personal clients worked as escorts in Vagator in the past and perhaps that has something to do with it.

Even the most legendary Boxing Ring Announcers wank to the sexy modern incest porn

I believe that if they sold porn at cheaper prices in the 1990s, there would have been no free HD incest porn everywhere on the internet just like today and it would really have been a pity. I am glad that they made such silly mistakes when it came to selling the porno to the general public.

I have always believed that the men who work for more than 12 hours a day must be allowed to marry more than 1 woman across the globe. They really deserve it. I know a guy who works 14 hours a day and he has a super-high libido. He lives with his mom, sister and wife and he fucks all three on a regular, several times they have a foursome sex session. Both his mother and sister are single till date and he is taking the advantage of the same in the best way possible. He says that he wouldn’t have ever fucked his own mom or sister if the government of his nation allowed him to marry multiple women at a time.

My dad used to be a good friend of the legendary ring announcer – Bruce Buffer, who used to tell my dad the stories of how his even more legendary ring announcer brother – Michael Buffer and one of the greatest boxing legends ever – Mike Tyson, used to have threesomes with Baga Escorts and fans all the time. They both fucking the same chick at the same time over fucking 2 or more chicks at the same time. They both are now thankful to the god that neither of them caught AIDS because of their sexual fetishes yet. They allegedly don’t fuck around like that anymore though.

Male Kosher Meat Eaters Flying To Hire Those Famous Sakinaka Foreign Masseuses

Dr John Rechsteiner is a Dentist from Oklahoma City, who claims that bad breath is more common among the Kosher eaters than anyone else. He further adds that it is hard to talk to someone in Israel and also in many Islamic nations for that very reason. He received so much of hate for stating such a thing, that he had to close the comment section of his blog permanently.

Dr John also claims that the inventors and scientists are more prone to getting oral cancer but they are least likely to suffer with the tooth decay. He claims to have never seen a scientist or an inventor with the problem of tooth decay ever in his life.

If Dr John Rechsteiner didn’t close the comment section on his blog, he would have received tons of hate for stating that the people interested in politics are a lot more likely to have common dental diseases than those who don’t. I am certain that Dr John Rechsteiner would think several times before making such a post if the comment section on his blog weren’t closed.

Dr John Rechsteiner claims that tooth decay is more common among the pilots, people who fly a lot, spend a lot of their time on the skyscrapers or live on the top floors of big buildings. He added that the case is far more serious with the current generation of people than it is with the previous generations. In other words, the younger people who live in skyscrapers, are pilots or fly a lot, are more prone to getting tooth decay than the older people.

Dr John Rechsteiner isn’t ashamed to admit that he regularly makes trips to India, where he enjoys Massage Service Sakinaka every time.

Dr John Rechsteiner claims that the gadgets are extremely bad for the tooth decay, especially, the Power Banks. He claims that roughly as much as 50% of the employees who work for a Lithium-ion battery manufacturer, suffer with tooth decay, including the employees working at the Duracell.

Gynecologist Hires Strippers And Escorts All Summers And Jerks-off To Sex Cam Models All Of Spring

I studied at the same school as the Saraya-Jade Bevis aka Paige of the WWE. She used to be one of the nicest girls in the school and I believe that it is the dirty pro-wrestling business that ruined her with the drug usage and made her a sex addict. Whatever the case may be, I think that she should start escorting or stripping rather than trying her hand in any other business, because that is because escorting and stripping is where the easy money is for dumb girls like herself. She could also try becoming a camgirls live model.

Anyways, I wanted to tell you all about this Gynecologist friend of mine who enjoys massages by the sexy female models working at a Vashi Massage Parlour all winters, hires female strippers all summers, stays celibate in the rainy season and doesn’t plan to ever get married. I applaud this friend of mine for most of his decisions. He is really smart.

A pornstar male friend of mine who is a well-known face in the industry recently told me that the pornstars can never get enough sex, they regularly indulge in swinger sex. One such female pornstar that I won’t name here is an Italian BBW with beautiful green eyes. She is pretty well-known, now guess who she is and tell me the name in the comment section.

I have a Spanish-American friend whose most predictions regarding different movements in the world are really coming true, especially the ones related to the feminist movement. He is also a sort of conspiracy theorist and I have become more like his pupil than his friend lately.

This Spanish-American friend of mine never gets tired of repeating on his blog and in person that he doesn’t believe in the New World Order (NWO) but rather in the New Sex Order (NSO).

Receiving Blowjobs from Different Gorgeous and Voluptuous Indian Women can turn your Sexual Orientation around

Simon Leroy from Denton, Texas, writes on his sex blog that wearing thongs everyday for 2 years straight reduced his libido a lot.

Simon believes that semen nebula is where the first droplets of semen are formed, in the neutrino core of a supernova.

Simon used to be a bisexual until he traveled to Japan. After he started receiving those sexy blowjobs by pretty Indian mouths all the time, he ultimately lost interest in men, sexually and romantically. He advises BJs by Panaji Escorts to each and every bisexual man who wants to turn straight. He writes that he doubts any man who is married to a beautiful and voluptuous Indian woman can be bisexual.

Simon claims to know several sugar babe mothers, daughters and sisters. He says they are some of the most fun women he ever met.

Simon writes on his blog that those who believe sexual indulgence is bad were born out of cursed semen and he is not even religious.

Simon writes that he has a perfect plan to create sex universities with a 2 year full-time programme. He writes he is highly disappointed to see that no government of any province of the United States and no country on the face of the earth is letting him to turn this dream of his into a reality.

Simon’s one and only brother once had a testicular failure. He says it was the biggest learning opportunity for him, not just regarding his sex life but overall life, that you should not try new things without the advise of some expert(s).

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George Keeling from Randers, Denmark, is a Sex Blogger and YouTuber, whose wife is an absolute sex and masturbation junkie. He calls her a coomerina whenever she is on Live Adult Chat Bongacams and she loves him for that.

George has contacted Reddit to shut down the subreddit r/semenretention multiple times as there is too much dangerous advice and information there that could lead a person to their way to the testicular/prostate cancer by trying too hard to hold the semen in their body through unnatural and unhealthy tactics but nobody on the Reddit Staff seems to care much.

One of George’s sister-in-laws – Kylie, is a struggling Green Party Politician who claims the Democrats and Republicans who trash-talk each other all day long, fuck each other all night. She claims their fight in the day is just a staged drama.
George has always been addicted to lipstick Blowjobs. He doesn’t like the ones without it at all and for that very reason he is extremely frequent on the Anjuna Escort scene.

George’s favorite real life sex story is when a struggling female motivational speaker came to his company to give a motivational lecture and she gave two free blowjobs to George along with the lecture to his company’s staff.

Another of George’s sister-in-laws – Penny is a 52 year old whose son wasn’t willing to date owing to the embarrassment involved as he was a virgin and everything he knew about sex, he learnt it from porn. He opened to her about it. She hired an escort for him the very night before his first date to teach him about sex. She was all there in the room with the escort and her son while they were performing the sex act. Penny guided the escort and her son all the time they both were intimate with each other, including a blowjob, kissing, wearing a condom. It was something like you would see in a porn movie. Penny tried to invite George’s wife to the scene but she wasn’t willing to see her nephew having sex with an escort with her bare eyes.