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The face and boobs of that Thai masseuse reminded me of a busty saleswoman whom I once sarcastically asked how many litres of milk can these jugs contain, she got what I was saying and slapped me right away.

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I know for certain that you all have heard the term ‘Love at First Sight’ but have you ever heard ‘Wank at First Sight’? One of the most famous serial killers of all times – Ted Bundy used to suffer with the wank at first sight situation and that played a huge role in getting him caught as well. I personally believe that millions if not billions of lives could have been saved if the human beings used their brains right and enjoyed Ebony girls cam instead of banging their own hand or raping women.

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If you are a regular reader of my blog then you must be aware by now of the fact that I have a thing for the big breasted women with pale complexion. I am glad that the internet porn industry has come way too far by now that we get to see more beautiful ebony cam babes than most of us will ever see in the flesh.

It is great to see that talking on phone while fucking videos have been getting larger in number by each week but I still feel that there aren’t many of those as they are so much fun to watch and their number is far lower than it should have been according to that measure.

I am not bragging but I can smell from my computer screen that whether the pornstar is wearing a deodorant or not and just watching an ugly or beautiful woman with big boobs getting fucked all sweaty and smelly with her natural odor not wearing a deodorant is enough to get me hard again after I have recently had a fuck session. I still remember watching the Miami based Latino pornstar – Lisa Lee’s scene where she was asking for water again and again. She was all sweaty and smelly with her natural odor and I cannot recall how many times I watched that scene when it newly came up.

I personally believe that theater actors fail to make great pornstars, forget about a theater actor, any woman that acts a lot fails to make a great pornstar, the only great pornstars are the women that are nymphos in their real life as well. Only if the pornstar is really enjoying it, then it makes a great scene otherwise there is no chance, no matter what definition the video is or how good looking the pornstars are or what positions they are fucking at.

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An old man once told me that there was a time when women would fear large cocks, today they don’t want anything lesser than 8.5 inches long. He added that there was a time when women would hesitate to kiss in the public, but today they are the ones to initiate sex in public. He said that’s the greatest reason for him to believe that times have really changed.

I love Cosplay Cams. Public porn and incest videos have always been extremely popular in Japan and I love both. I love Italian incestuous videos as well.

No matter how much they brag to you about the vintage porn videos, there were never so much Watch Free Porn In Public Videos HD available.

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Have you ever heard that balls are the representatives of the penis? If you haven’t, then let me tell you that in reality they are.

I have had fun with several different Japanese MILFs while I lived in Japan. One MILF friend with benefits that I fucked almost everyday while I was there in Japan, once I wrote ‘Milk Factory’ on her breast while she was asleep and she couldn’t even understand what it was as she didn’t speak English. She used to spend all her time on javboard while she didn’t have a fuckbuddy lying next to her.

Anybody who tells you that dating or one-night stands are more psychological games than the physiological, is definitely taking you for a long ride. The one-night games and dating are 99% physiological and 1% psychological, those who do not agree are either liars or have never participated in either.

One historian friend of mine once told me that even though the men in the medieval times mostly used their dicks in the vaginas rather than their hands, the women of those times were still starving for sex most of the time. He says that is the core reason why women had more suicide rate back in the day compared to their male counterparts.

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I have a friend who claims that a fruitarian woman’s pussy tastes just like fruits. His wife is a carnivore and I think I should ask her whether she has been experimenting with a fruit diet lately.

This same friend of mine told me that if you want a woman that fucks at a speed of 200 mile per hour, fuck a woman who suffers with hypertension. Again, I have been thinking about asking his wife if she has been suffering with hypertension lately.

I doubt that this very friend of mine has regularly been having threesome and foursome parties. He was born with a drug addiction and hence his sex addiction is quite obvious.

I recently enjoyed a visit to Kawasaki, Japan and I was amazed to notice that most of the Japanese women care more about their breast development, especially after they hit the age of 20, over any other sort of development.

I also came to learn that although the Japanese people are some of the most sexual, which should be very evident from their high density population, their women are also the ones that are least likely to use a vibrator when they don’t get a dick.

One of my best friends who is a great believer of the Happeh Theory, also happens to be a great lover of Japanese porn. His most favorite Japanese pornstar is Anri Suzuki and he says that he cannot help himself but jack off to Anri Suzuki all the time especially when she is live on a chaturbate asian female website.

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I personally believe that no man should be an impotent with the treatments available for the impotence nowadays unless they have lost both their balls to testicular cancer to a physical injury or testicular cancer. I don’t know if you know this already, there are so many proven cures available for the male impotency nowadays that if you even have one of your testicle intact right now and your doctor hasn’t been able to cure your impotence within a month, then you have been visiting the wrong one. I believe that the different charitable foundations of the world should donate more for the cause of curing impotence. I also believe that it is a myth that the world is overpopulated and we are rather underpopulated and a larger population will result in lesser problems, more solutions and better economy. After the whole male population across the globe gets cured for the disease called impotence, the world will definitely become a much happier place.

I have a friend who claims that incest porn has greatly reduced the number of incestual relationships in homes. Although he doesn’t have much statistics to prove the same, I believe that he makes a point there, he says that’s the reason why he advocates Japanese MILF Videos so much, because most of the Japanese porn is incestual only, especially the ones that include some hot Chaterbate Cam Girls in it.

This Japanese lover friend of mine wishes all the time if he were lucky enough to meet someone like Yuuri Himeno in college to fuck around with all the time.

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i always prefer Boobpedia over any other pornstar or cam models related informational website. It is through Boobpedia only that I learnt about my most favorite cam sex online sites including some German ones which ultimately led me to find about my most favorite live cam website yet. These cam models really save lives, they have saved mine at least.

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Brenna Brant recently fought elections for the mayor in Lexington, Kentucky but lost. Brenna had nothing to do with the politics before fighting these elections and hence, she did a lot of study and research on the politics and politicians around the world, the only thing that Brenna observed and told me about the politicians is that the women politicians of the Indian Subcontinent have the largest breasts.

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Brenna’s brother – Sergey is a millionaire photographer who recently bought a 100 year old watch company. Sergey is very much obsessed with Israel and he calls it the one and only holy land. Sergey cannot ever forget the first time he landed at the Jerusalem’s Ben Gurion Airport and took a breath of fresh air there.

Sergey does a lot of political research and analysis and he claims that behind the dead Prime Minister of India – Rajiv Gandhi’s innocent face was a very evil man. Sergey says that he was the one who didn’t let India become a superpower and let have India good relations with Israel.

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Once my ex-girlfriend caught me banging her housemaid, she didn’t yell at me or even interrupted us but after I was done ejaculating inside her housemaid, she told me that I could jack-off to cam girls videos if she is not enough for me, but if she catches me having sex with some other woman ever again, that would be the last day of our relationship.

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I served in the army in my early 20s and that’s when I discovered that the armymen jerk off more than any other people on the planet and perhaps, that act of their makes them so courageous.

I have always been against those who claim that masturbation of any sorts is bad for a man, I tell you to first go 30 days without any sort of fapping and then fap everyday and notice the difference for yourself.

I have been wanting to start a kamasutra teaching school for the past sometime but I am really afraid of the Indian government.