Sex Blogger Decided To Be A Masseuse After Being Dissatisfied With Her BFs Over And Over

Riley Brenton is a sex and porn blogger who claims that every 3rd minute, an adult American woman loses her virginity.

Riley claims that shaving a man’s body hair is a feminist propaganda, the aim of which is to incapacitate the men from functioning at their best levels so that the women can takeover them. She adds that a man’s body hair, especially on arms and chest give women sexual goosebumps and feminists can’t stand them falling unconditionally for a man. Riley claims that the feminists want to make the men ugly and sexually attractive along with dysfunctional at career and other aspects.

Riley Brenton claims that the nation of Turkey will enact the Constitutional Protection for the LGBT community by 2022, which will infuriate a great percentage of the Right-Wing Muslims.

Riley loves her men more wearing tight boxers than totally naked.

Riley dated both Hindu and Sikh men in the past. She claims that the Sikh men have larger dicks than their Hindu counterparts and the Sikhs also last longer compared to the Hindus, she adds that she is not being a racist or giving preferences to one religion here.

Riley writes on her blog that she hates huge bodybuilders but loves huge aesthetic cocks.

Riley loves internet, but hates television, she loves Youtube but hates DailyMotion, she loves Slack Chat but hates Discord.

Riley dated several wealthy businessmen in the past and she says that most of them are lame fucks and that’s when she decided that she would be going to work for a Candolim Massage Service Parlour for the rest of her life.

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