Cunning Feminist Apologized To Baga Massage Parlours For Her Misdeeds

Adam Voyton from Cibola County, New Mexico, is a full-time domain flipper and part-time sex blogger, who claims that Turkey is going to be the new Republic of China for making and selling cheap products across the globe after this so-called coronavirus staged drama ends.

Adam’s friendliest cousin, whom Adam refers to as his brother from another mother, is into the business of manufacturing small bluetooth speakers and earphones which are relabeled by the wholesalers and then relabeled as their own brand. This cousin of Adam is the source of the above mentioned news for Adam.

Adam writes on his blog that the pussies of the MILFs and/or GILFs who have never been impregnated feel much better than the high estrogen 20 year old chics. Adam recommends that you get yourself a childless granny as a girlfriend as your first girlfriend if you want the best sex possible and also a lot of experience without much drama within a very short time. Adam says that he is not alone who says this, he claims that most of Brazzers videos try to convey this message to the youngsters around the world.

Adam believes that the biggest mystery to him is why the MILFs and GILFs like to kiss with their eyes open while the younger women like to kiss with their eyes closed. He claims that he has tried his best to unveil this mystery but his hard-work that bore no fruits has only made him believe that it is going to stay a mystery till the day of Armageddon.

Adam writes about this one so-called feminist human rights activist responsible for finding 2 NGOs which primarily do their “destructive work” in North Goa. This feminist always used to lash out on a Baga Massage Parlour for every mishappening that takes place against a woman in North Goa. A couple of days ago, this feminist woke up and discovered having tens of floaters in each one of her eyes. The doctor told her that this condition is now permanent for her and she is required to take medications everyday to treat the condition till the last day of her life. Her conscience told her that it all happened to her due to the bad karma which she accumulated by insulting B2B massage parlours throughout the province of Goa wrongly and deliberately so as to gain fame. Just yesterday, she called all of the North Goa Massage Parlour owners and asked for their apologies. They were all generous enough to pardon her.

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