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Ego Ndubizu from Silver Spring, Maryland, is a Computer Engineer and Sex Blogger, who doesn’t find any Non-BBW woman attractive at all. He blames the glamour industry (movies, modeling) etc, for ruining it for the BBWs in the first place and then when the BBW trend was at its peak in the late 2000s and early 2010s, he started seeing a hope that the Hollywood and other movie industries will recruit nothing but Big Beautiful Women as their lead actresses but all his dreams got shattered when there is literally not a single top lead Hollywood actress who is a BBW till date. The only place where he gets to see his dream BBWs is a web portal.

Ego studied a Pre-Apprenticeship course to become an apprentice electrician, but later decided to go to the university as no hot blonde Adult Live Cams stunner would date an electrician.

The older a woman, the more she appreciates the size of balls compared to the size of a dick.

Ego Ndubizu

Ego claims to have met one of the greatest black female pop singers of all times – Rihanna, backstage. She told him that she would be a pornstar if not an artist. She cannot imagine living as a normal working woman 9-5 or a stay at home.

Ego claims medications for hypothyroidism turns a woman into a total freak in the bed. He dated one such whore in the past.

Ego’s current girlfriend loves roleplays as a clown to convey that she is in the mood for anal sex tonight.

Ego had a Malaysian girlfriend who had a fetish for drinking her man’s piss. He used to enjoy making her drink his piss.

Ego once started believing that sex and porn are bad. He started struggling with it. He wrote an article titled “An engineer by the day and a coomer by the night I am so tired of fighting this fight.”

Ego believes prostitution accounts for $700 Billion in GDP for roughly 100 countries.