Miami Podiatrist Really Feels For The Prisoners And Is Disappointed With The World Health Organization And The Government Of The USA

Dr Owen Sirrs is a Podiatrist from Miami, Florida, who has always been a fan of a woman’s natural beauty. He is blunt about the fact on his blog that having an attractive receptionist really helps a medical doctor’s practice. He has hired a supermodel as a receptionist at his practice – a supermodel who has won over 7 different beauty contests and has been struggling to get a job as an actress in a Hollywood movie for the past couple of years. Dr Owen Sirrs highly doubts that she is the same lady whose services he once availed at a South Goa Massage Parlour, but he says that he cannot come to the certain conclusion.

Dr Owen Sirrs bluntly says that although the facilities and amenities for the prisoners across the globe have been improved and extended, they now have a larger number of foot disorders than ever before. He writes on his blog that he has written to different medical unions across the world, the WHO and governments across the world, but no action has been taken on any of their part yet, which is a pity beyond words.

Dr Owen Sirrs claims that the Muslims and the Jews are most prone to getting foot disorders compared to the people belonging to any other major religion due to the extensive inbreeding that has been going on among those people for thousands of years now.

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