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Jose Levya’s wife is a screenwriter and poet who celebrates with a sex party after each big paycheck. The first time she took a 13 inch BBC all inside her, she fell unconscious. She really has those Lisa Ann tits naturally. She struggled with obesity all her teen years though.

Both Jose and his wife enjoy fucking on the carpet more than they do on the bed. They also prefer sweaty sex and hence, it is very rare that they have an Air Conditioner or Fans on while making love to each other.

Jose Levya brags that he can last till infinity inside a pussy but blowjob makes him cum within minutes.

Jose believes that in the Arab world, sex education used to be the main subject in the Universities there before the advent of Islam.

Jose brags that he never took any loan or credit in his life. He believes that it wouldn’t be so if he didn’t have access to a particular Discord lewd community and rather used escort agencies to have fun with women other than his wife, he would be strongly indebted without any doubt.

Jose says that each sexy woman that she meets whether it be his wife, his girlfriends or someone he met through a dating app, he fingers her for 15 minutes straight before fucking her.

Jose says that on the working days can last only 60 minutes in bed and on the holidays can easily last 2 hours.

Jose says that on the working days, he can last only 60 minutes maximum in bed and on the holidays he can easily last for 2 hours. He agrees with all those who say that stress is the biggest barrier in a happy sex life.

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