78 year old man doesn’t enjoy sex tourism anymore but jacks off to those Cam babes each night

I have a very good friend from Denver, Colorado, whose granddad once came to Hyderabad, India, as a sex tourist. He was so enthusiastic about banging pussies belonging to different colors, races and religions of India, but only after a couple of days, he lost all his libido all of a sudden. He blames the Indian food for the same, especially Biryani, although he is still a bit confused about what exactly it was. He also thinks that it may be the atmosphere of India, the weather, he still is not certain. He is 78 now and regularly jacks off chatting with cam girls free.

This friend of mine never gets tired of repeating that the people have been focusing a lot on the reliability of their cars a lot lately but are very less concerned about the reliability of their spouses and that’s the reason why we have been seeing so many divorces lately.

He has his own sex related blog, very similar to mine, where he once mentioned that the tall men should marry tall women, petite and women must marry men that are tiny as well, so that their marriage doesn’t fall apart in the future. He claims that small dicks cannot satisfy the pussy of a tall woman and vice versa. He also quoted a couple of Bible verses to justify his claim.

His own wife with whom he had an open marriage is a 4’11” tall 36 year old woman, who he claims can take dick as long as 13 inches up her ass with an ease. He has mentioned about this a couple of times or maybe more on his blog, with a clarification each time that she is a special one.

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