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Brenna Brant recently fought elections for the mayor in Lexington, Kentucky but lost. Brenna had nothing to do with the politics before fighting these elections and hence, she did a lot of study and research on the politics and politicians around the world, the only thing that Brenna observed and told me about the politicians is that the women politicians of the Indian Subcontinent have the largest breasts.

You may be wondering what made such an inexperienced lady like Brenna to participate in the elections for a Mayor, the answer is that Brenna made tons more money than she could ever imagine with FIFA55 gambling with the help and support of blogs that provide top-notch tricks and tips about online gambling.

Brenna claims that having intimate relationships with several different partners without using any sort of contraception makes you look very sexually attractive and in case of the women – it gives them a very sexy voice as well. Brenna attributes her beauty and her sexy voice to having sex with several partners without using any sort of contraceptive methods and also watching cam live girls all the time which she believes raises her estrogen levels.

Brenna’s brother – Sergey is a millionaire photographer who recently bought a 100 year old watch company. Sergey is very much obsessed with Israel and he calls it the one and only holy land. Sergey cannot ever forget the first time he landed at the Jerusalem’s Ben Gurion Airport and took a breath of fresh air there.

Sergey does a lot of political research and analysis and he claims that behind the dead Prime Minister of India – Rajiv Gandhi’s innocent face was a very evil man. Sergey says that he was the one who didn’t let India become a superpower and let have India good relations with Israel.

My ex told me stop banging the housemaid and jack off to cam videos if I wanted to keep my relationship alive with her

Once my ex-girlfriend caught me banging her housemaid, she didn’t yell at me or even interrupted us but after I was done ejaculating inside her housemaid, she told me that I could jack-off to cam girls videos if she is not enough for me, but if she catches me having sex with some other woman ever again, that would be the last day of our relationship.

This ex-girlfriend of mine knew that I loved to sniff her pussy. She used to insert tissue papers in her pussy and then mail those to me whenever I was away so that I could jack-off to her pictures or anything else while sniffing those.

I believe that the decision of choosing one’s sexual partner is the most important one of our lives and hence should be made on the basis of realistic aspirations, aptitude, skills and desires. A single fuck is an accident but ten thousand fucks become your sex life.

I served in the army in my early 20s and that’s when I discovered that the armymen jerk off more than any other people on the planet and perhaps, that act of their makes them so courageous.

I have always been against those who claim that masturbation of any sorts is bad for a man, I tell you to first go 30 days without any sort of fapping and then fap everyday and notice the difference for yourself.

I have been wanting to start a kamasutra teaching school for the past sometime but I am really afraid of the Indian government.

Dad is a strict catholic but son is a dieheart wanker

John is the son of a strict catholic owner of a chocolate company. This dad of John is such a strict catholic that he rejected a million dollar order from a company that manufactures condoms. This company wanted John’s dad’s company to dip their condoms in chocolate to give those a chocolate flavor.

John is not like dad although he acts catholic in front of his dad. John claims that the catholics have always been against the sexuality because heavy indulgence in sex and sexuality opens up a part of the brain that makes us a genius. John says that he has personally observed that the farm animals are far more intelligent than their non-farm counterparts. John believes that the zealous god Yahweh’s greatest fear was human beings’ attachment to sex because he knew that the human beings could become geniuses if they started embracing sexuality.

John loves to watch pornography and his most favorite pornstar of all time is Alexis Fawx. John fell in love with her on the first sight. Although, John loves Alexis Fawx movies so much, he says that Alexis Fawx would look at least ten times better with blue eyes, imagine her coming all naked with blue eyes in a snowy area.

John says that all his semen maybe self produced but it all belongs to Alexis and those Cam Girls Sites.

John is amazed that the Score group hasn’t cast Alexis Fawx for any of their movies yet, John says that they must be crazy for not casting Alexis. It sounds like a warning when he says that either the Score group starts casting Alexis Fawx for whatever money she asks for or they should limit themselves to ‘naturally busty women’.

A Staggering Percentage of Pro-Wrestlers regularly enjoy Cam Girls Porn

I have a very strange friend who never gets tired of repeating that a man cannot be considered a ‘real man’ until and unless he starts hating his father. Well, I do not quite agree with him on this statement of his, but I do agree with him on that he believes and hopes that perhaps over the coming years, we will return to the times when the interest and indulgence in sex would be considered something sacred and there will not be an ugly institution that goes by the name ‘traditional monogamous marriage’, which kills the greatest joy out of common men and women’s lives.

This friend of mine claims to know several pro-wrestlers and he really shocked me, when he told me that 60% of the modern pro-wrestlers that he knows belong to the LGBT community and roughly about 80% of those regularly indulge in swinger sex and many of their videos can be watched on cam girls porn.

He claims to have spent over 5 million US Dollars on female escorts till date. I myself have spent hundreds of thousands on escorts till date, but 5 million is really staggering. He told me that it is because he only enjoys celebrity sex, in other words, he hires only celebrity escorts.

This friend of mine believes that the homo sapiens sapiens evolved from the snakes, not the apes, and that Adam and Eve’s story of eating the apple and being convinced by the snake to do it against the God’s will tries to prove that the modern human evolved from a snake. I don’t believe him on this either.

He also believes in antisemitic conspiracy theories. He claims that the top Zionists’ extraordinary mental capabilities come from their indulgence in tantric/non-ejaculatory sex, which has been a common practice among the Khazars (Ashkenazi Jews) since the time immemorial.

My date with this stunner GILF I met on a Cam Site went unbelievably well

I used to believe that all those comments by the female members on the cam girls nude sites and other cam sites were fake until I set up a date with this curvaceous GILF in my own city once, who claimed to be a grandmother of 12 kids to me, apart from being a mother of 3 sons, each of whom was married and had at least one child of himself. I didn’t care much about any of that while she was telling me all that gibberish, I had already checked that both her pussyhole and asshole were still fucking tight. All that I hated was the fact that she didn’t have a daughter of her own, otherwise, I would have tried to have a threesome with both mother and daughter at a time, it would really have been something out of a porn video which that old lady cannot get enough of watching.

The old lady told me that she is extremely frank with all her 3 sons and each of them tells his crazy real-life sexual adventure, sexual issues, etc, to her.

On my second date with her, she told me that the wife of one of her sons suffers with a POIS (Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome), which is rare in men and extremely rare in women. Although she suffers with this POIS thing, she can never get enough of sex. The only time when she doesn’t feel the effect of POIS is when she is sexually aroused, and hence, to never feel bad, she keeps her pussy wet all the time. She also squirts 8 out of 10 times on an average if she has something warm in her pussy for over 10 minutes.

78 year old man doesn’t enjoy sex tourism anymore but jacks off to those Cam babes each night

I have a very good friend from Denver, Colorado, whose granddad once came to Hyderabad, India, as a sex tourist. He was so enthusiastic about banging pussies belonging to different colors, races and religions of India, but only after a couple of days, he lost all his libido all of a sudden. He blames the Indian food for the same, especially Biryani, although he is still a bit confused about what exactly it was. He also thinks that it may be the atmosphere of India, the weather, he still is not certain. He is 78 now and regularly jacks off chatting with cam girls free.

This friend of mine never gets tired of repeating that the people have been focusing a lot on the reliability of their cars a lot lately but are very less concerned about the reliability of their spouses and that’s the reason why we have been seeing so many divorces lately.

He has his own sex related blog, very similar to mine, where he once mentioned that the tall men should marry tall women, petite and women must marry men that are tiny as well, so that their marriage doesn’t fall apart in the future. He claims that small dicks cannot satisfy the pussy of a tall woman and vice versa. He also quoted a couple of Bible verses to justify his claim.

His own wife with whom he had an open marriage is a 4’11” tall 36 year old woman, who he claims can take dick as long as 13 inches up her ass with an ease. He has mentioned about this a couple of times or maybe more on his blog, with a clarification each time that she is a special one.

Reading those Cam Girls Chat Reviews made me realize that there is no Highest Common Factor among Whores

I recently came across this gynecologist on a Discord chat server, who told me that the natural big breasts of a beautiful woman, no matter which race and color she belongs to, oozes a specific fragrance, which is so sexy to a real man full of testosterone that he can die for it. He claims to have been trying to create a perfume for a while now, which mimics the very same smell.

This gynecologist sounded like a troll to me, when he said in the ‘Lobby’ of that Discord server that his wife loves to eat apples and oranges and he himself loves to eat bananas. She doubts that he is a bisexual and he doubts that she is a bisexual and when she shows no interest in any sexual activity with himself, he tends to doubt that she is a lesbian.

I have been spending a lot of time reading reviews for the adult products and websites lately, especially cam girls chat reviews and reading the same, I have come to the conclusion that you cannot name a Highest Common Factor among the whores, but they have several common Prime Factors.

I believe that the idea to the inventor of the smartphone to create the same when he found it hard to find an escort or have a sex chat while he was in a remote area with no computer.

I wonder all the time if the governments of the nations around the world arranged sex championships just like they do wrestling, shooting, etc, I would be a gold medalist each year and I am not bragging or showing-off here.

42nd President of the USA – Bill Clinton, wanted to make cam chat mandatorily free for all adults across the globe

A hotel is no hotel if they don’t allow escorts, hence most of the hotels across the globe do not even deserve to be called hotels. Hence, I am planning to build the world’s first hotel which would be managed by the escorts, where the chefs would be escorts, the room service would be cam girls 43, the security guards would be gigolos, this hotel is going to be the best thing to have ever happened to the hotel industry.

One of my friends who is a lot like a conspiracy theorist, told me that the Ex-President of the United States – Bill Clinton, really wanted to call a national crusade against sexual oppression and implement some foolproof laws so that nobody could sexually oppress again.

Although Bill Clinton couldn’t go on such national crusade because he was busy getting BJs all the time from his own secretary. His thoughts and ideas have really left an imprint not only on the American society, but throughout the world, and who could have imagined back when he was the President of the United States that there would be high quality free porn available all over the internet by the financial year 2020.

This amateur conspiracy theorist friend of mine claims that it is a myth that you can impress girls with your French/Italian/Romanian, whatever accent. He says that it is nothing but a hype created by the mainstream (government controlled) media to make the people busy working on their accents all the time, so that they could deflect our focus from the real news and other happenings around the world, like the USA and Russia killing the Syrians, creating ISIS or using Kim Jong-Un as a part of their containment of China policy.

Big Boob Cam Models Partaking In NoFap To Look Hotter To Their Voyeurs

John Billing from Lansing, Michigan, is a Sex Blogger and Architect, who got married twice. He has 3 children with each of his wives. Both the wives of John have hyperlactation syndrome, taking advantage of which, he never missed the opportunity to enjoy fresh milkshake taking advantage of this. He listens to popular American singer – Kelis’ popular track ‘Milkshake’ to remind himself of those beautiful times when his wife is not lactating.

John claims to have the secret information of the brief marriage between the Retired Persian-American Pornstar, Free Live Sex Big Boob Cam Model and Escort – Persia Pele and a Bollywood Comedian. She got pregnant twice during their marriage and both the times, they agreed on aborting the infant which John criticizes and has written over 700 articles against.

John writes Mughals were too ahead of their times in so many ways. He writes whereas the science only recently discovered that women hit their sexual peak at the age of 30; the Mughals knew this all well since time unknown. The Mughal Emperors and Elite of the Mughal Empire preferred their wives in their late 20s and early 30s.

Our institutions have been infiltrated. JFK warned us 60 years ago. Politics, Hollywood, the Church, DigTech, Academia. Most men are too bust lusting, watching sports, useless entertainment and chasing money to notice. We get what we deserve.

John Billing

John claims an Afghan Sikh is responsible for the increasing rate of Arabian Dates imports and consumption in China. This Afghan-Sikh told a prominent Chinese Businessman about the sexual benefits of eating the Arabian Dates. This prominent Chinese Businessman has several friends in the Chinese mainstream media, he told them to tell the benefits of eating dates on the TV and other news sources they were involved in and simultaneously invested tons of money in importing dates from UAE and the plan all went very well and it continues to happen that way.

John partook in the NoFap challenge once. He says flatlining is the most misunderstood concept among the NoFap participants. They take it as something negative, but it is in reality when the period when your body uses all the energy it produces to repair, rejuvenate and strengthen itself.

Kathak Dancer Wrote An Anthem Dedicated To Big Tit Cam Models

Meena Venkataraman from Bismarck, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Kathak Dancer, who believes the reason why martial arts lost its significance greatly in the past 2 decades is the fact that it was giving men strong cases of erectile dysfunction and other male sexuality related issues. She adds it was harmless to the female sexuality though.

Meena recently met the daughter of one of the cartel kingpins that died in the 2010 in Mexico. She is a lyricist, poetess, and a big tit cam model who recently completed writing an escort anthem and a pornstar anthem.

Meena writes religious conditioning of a woman plays a bigger role than any other factor when it comes to her BDSM preferences and this could very well be seen on those videos, she adds. She writes after reading the bio of a VR female pornstar, you would discover that the female pornstars that were raised with certain religious beliefs act in a certain way which is quite different than the ones belonging to the female pornstars that were raised with quite differing beliefs.

Meena writes that after studying the tantra and other Hindu scriptures thoroughly and analysing those, she has concluded that the Hindu God Shiva became the God of all other Hindu Gods by dominating their wives sexually using his tantric sexual expertise and prowess.

Meena writes the biggest proof that escorting is a lucrative business is that she never got a spam message from a male or a bisexual/lesbian woman offering escort services although she gets all kind of messages from all kinds of people offering all kinds of useless products or services at a special discount.

Better eat toxic substances 24/7 than having a toxic long-term sexual partner.

Meena Venkataraman

Phenology Can Help You Understand The Psychology Of Those Asian Webcam Models Better

Sarah Donna from New South Wales, Australia, is a personal chef and sex blogger, who writes on her blog that studying Phenology aka Periodic Phenomenon in plants really helped her understand the sexual needs of a man as much as those Asian Webcams.

Sarah lives in a neighborhood notorious for being the most favorite one for the LGBT community in the city. She says that her neighborhood has more lesbians than gays while the statistics say otherwise.

Sarah claims to have had several sexual encounters with gay men in the past. She writes on her blog that the straight men need guidance from the gays on how to fuck like a god. She writes that it is sad that most of the straight guys she had sex with till date were unaware of how unsatisfied they left their women.

Sarah claims that second generation bisexual/gays are better looking than 99% of the population and xxx porn videos are the proof. She adds that they are also more good-looking sensible, intelligent and not to mention, better lovers than the rest 99%.

Sarah recently dated a straight guy who had penile implant. She writes on her blog that although they guy was as big as Mandingo. His penis felt even more numb than a dildo in her pussy, asshole and mouth all alike.

Sarah writes that the guys as wide as a truck are better than the guys as tall as a camel and the combination of both is like a gift from the gods to a straight woman and/or a gay man alike.

Survey Claims 30% Of The Asian Women Living Abroad Are Cam Models

Jose Collado from Mexico City, Missouri, is a gay sex blog owner and sound designer, who believes Ron Jeremy is perhaps the most overrated straight male pornstar of all times and Mikey Butders is the most underrated mainstream male pornstar of all times. He says any gay/bisexual man or a straight woman who tells you after looking at those balls that they aren’t worth sucking for at least thrice is a liar. He claims to have had sex with over 240 different gay men that he met through gay webcams but he is yet to see balls that could even come close to those of Mikey Butders.

Jose writes fun, creative guys fuck a lot more compared to those who aren’t fun or creative and it used to be a common knowledge among different tribes before the Abrahamic religions came into the picture. He believes these fun and creative men usually hit their peak in the late 30s or early 40s while those who aren’t fun or creative start looking like total haggards by that age.

Jose claims Mr Perfect (Curt Hennig) of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) died while having sex with a fellow male pro-wrestler but the Vince McMahon with his millions was able to bury this news easily and to this day the fans believe he died of a drug overdose.

Jose is currently dating a Half Sikh Half Russian man. He says this man has the biggest cock he has seen in the real life but he wishes if his balls were as big as those of his favorite pornstar – Mikey Butders. He says he hates sucking his tiny balls as much as he enjoys taking his huge anaconda in his ass.

Jose once made a post that to confirm that he is not a bisexual, his sexy and voluptuous sister-in-law who happens to be one of the Asian Webcam Girls once offered him a titty-fuck. He accepted the offer. Initially he delighted in it, but then found it very hard to stay erect. It toom him almost an hour to finish even after trying so hard, the only reason he could finish was because he imagined sucking his boyfriend all throughout the time he was between her huge beautiful melons.

Jose writes his ultimate fantasy is to be the engine of a 10, 000 men strong ‘gay train’ that would start from Jerusalem and roam all over the Middle-East and spread the awareness. He wishes badly that his fantasy comes true during this lifetime.

Jose once made a very controversial post when he accused one of the most popular Cuban Pornstar of all times – Angelina Castro of running an escort racket that specializes in supplying gay gigolos. He added that her escort organization offers men and women belonging to all different sexual orientations but gay gigolos are her speciality. Angelina Castro never answered these accusations although it is very certain that the news got to her as it became viral everywhere.

Jose writes the balls are not for the gay men what boobs are for a straight man. He writes the Redditors need to stop comparing the two. He insulted the Redditors by mentioning “You guys get a life first then you talk about certain things.”

Men Around The Globe Divorcing Their Wives To Be Able To Chat With Asian Live Webcam Models Longer

I know there is no concept of celibacy in Islam and that’s where the difference is. I was born and raised a Catholic and I wanted to stay a lifelong celibate since I learnt the harms of sex, ejaculation, etc. The thought of compromising my life just for the sake of a social institution built a few thousand years ago was ridiculous to me. Never in my worst nightmare could I imagine being a coomer at the age of 29 So, I grew up with this belief that celibacy is superior to the marriage and there is nothing that can change that belief for me as I have been on long streaks in the past and I have the first-hand experience that compromising ‘bliss of celibacy’ for the sake of a social institution is stupid. You don’t know how beautiful this life that god gives you is unless you experience it first-hand. It cannot be put into the words. Life = Raw Energy. Life = Youth. Life = Bliss. Marriage is just a social institution. Monogamous marriage is second best compared to the celibacy but it is no match compared to the celibacy. If you can stay a celibate and you are happy with it, giving yourself in to the marriage would be an utter foolishness. Especially today when you can have kids without marriage. Just a few decades ago the celibates couldn’t have kids but still it was considered the best option, but now you can have the best of both worlds.

Ram Nadar

The guy who wrote this is now divorced and regularly fucks the artificial pussies he bought from a website whose advertisement he saw on Asian Live Webcam. Just goes on to show that real life pussies are no match to the fake ones.